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Coronavirus and post-pandemic resources for charity communicators

A hub of useful information and advice from the sector and beyond to help charity communicators in these unprecedented times.

It’s safe to say all our lives have changed since the start of the pandemic. Almost overnight what we all considered to be normal day-to-day life radically changed and we all had to quickly find ways to cope with the new status quo of staying indoors, social distancing and of course working remotely. For charities this meant pivoting our services at pace in order to ensure we met the many challenges we faced, including that of maintaining contact with those who would usually interact with us through face-to-face services.

As charity communicators we have more than risen to the challenges that emerged, coming up with innovative solutions to difficult problems along the way. Indeed we should all be proud of how we leapt into action to support beneficiaries and supporters, quickly changing and adapting to keep vital services going.

But, having said all this there is still a long road ahead as we strive to make all these changes we have made sustainable for the future, as shown in our recent survey with Media Trust.

Remember: the charity community is strong and we will get through these difficult times together.

Looking for helpful resources to support your forward planning? Check out the list below…


Inspiring new forms of digital content creation

Ways charities are supporting those who would normally use face-to-face services

Useful CharityComms resources and services

Online training videos

Sector action points

Latest CharityComms tips for coping with coronavirus and changing ways of working

Finding your spark: how to get a job during Covid-19

Great charity advice on looking after mental health

Using supporter centric solutions to improve the donor experience

Five steps to framing messages on coronavirus and poverty

Crisis communications for charities: best practice guide

Digital remote working tools: sector tips 

Beyond numbers: the long-term impact of coronavirus on charities and why collaboration is so important

How to support staff wellbeing during Covid19

Learning new skills from your home office

How to adjust to working from home

Our survey with Media Trust reveals the challenges you are facing

How do you maintain a sense of team remotely?

Fundraising during Coronavirus – Maintaining and building your relationship with supporters

How can charities use data to help communities during Covid-19?

Inspiring virtual charity fundraiser ideas

Covid-19 and CharityComms – CharityChat podcast interview with CC CEO Adeela Warley

How to make short term comms solutions a part of long term strategy too

Engagement strategies for charities

Digital campaigning in the time of Covid

Sign up to be a charity shop volunteer

Planning for a new job: what to do when it’s time to move on

What is the role of comms teams in responding to social crises?

Other useful sector resources to bookmark

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Coronavirus: practical support and information – NCVO

Coronavirus updates: live blog – Third Sector

Free Coronavirus Resources for Charities – Lightful

Coronavirus Comms, Crisis Communication Best Practices – Empower

Coronavirus comms  planning ahead – Madeleine Sugden

Framing Covid19 – Frameworks Institute

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)  support and resources – PRCA

Coronavirus tech handbook – Newspeak House

Working from home retro – The Developer Society

Free Global Media and News Tracker – LexisNexis

Free digital communications resources for charities to use during coronavirus – MediaTrust

COVID-19 Response Toolkit: Event Management and Fundraising Resources – Blackbaud

Digital fundraising for small charities (in a hurry) – Reason Digital

Hand-washing infographic

Free volunteer platform – MediaTrust

Free resources to help charities – The Brand Blog

Free online guide to virtual fundraising for charities – Charity Digital

Your guide to survive-and-thrive the post-covid environment (briefing) – Civil Society Consulting

Delivering financial support during Coronavirus – ACO 

How to prioritise digital marketing tactics – Fresh Egg

How to make the most of your charity’s social media during lockdown – Civil Society

Quick guide to virtual fundraising – Volunteering Matters.

Charity Fraud Awareness Hub – ON24

How to improve cyber security within your charity – NCSC

How charities can survive, adapt and thrive through the crisis – CAF 

Free images to illustrate your coronavirus content – Fundraising UK

How to support staff wellbeing during coronavirus – NCVO 

Catalyst and The National Lottery Community Fund COVID-19 Digital Response

Five charities who are switching it up during the pandemic – Reason Digital

Support for fundraisers who have been made redundant – Institute of Fundraising

The Organiser’s Activity Book – Tactical Tech

COVID-19 Resource Center for Nonprofits – Donorbox

Become a digital volunteer for a grassroots charity – Localgiving

6-month training programme – Beyond

Best practice for internal teams comms – Charity Digital

Are you using the most accessible remote working platforms? – Civil Society

Our coronavirus resources for the second lockdown – Think NPC

Age-positive images: Guide and terms to using our image library – The Centre for Ageing Better

Age-positive image library launched to tackle negative stereotypes of later life – The Centre for Ageing Better

Making your job application more attractive during the Covid-19 pandemic – nfpSynergy

Wellbeing and fundraising – Chartered Institute of Fundraising

Free creative help for charities – Createxplore

More great reads from across the charity sector network and beyond

“Better Stories”: How to support people to do great media interviews – OnRoad Media

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How to get people to actually participate in virtual meetings – Harvard Business Review

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10 tips for working from home – JustGiving

Remote Working: Sharing what we have learned – The Blurt Foundation

Zoom meet ups: 5 top tips for meetings without uninvited guests

Eight tips for managing remote teams – Lightful

PR tips for during coronavirus – Heather Collins, Do Good PR

Framing COVID-19: Talking about what comes next – Frameworks Institute

A how to guide for virtual fundraising events – Charity Fundraising 

7 tips for finding focus and reducing digital distractions – Asana

Audience engagement during and beyond the pandemic – Sarah Fitzgerald, Self Comms

Seven tips for running better remote meetings – Torchbox

How charities have adapted their content in light of Covid-19 – Lightful

How are charities adapting to Covid-19? – NPC

Working from home: A guide to creating a healthy and productive workspace at home – Cotswold Co

Fundraising support for charities – Ecclesiastical

How Nonprofits Have Reframed Their Messaging in the Wake of Coronavirus

Principles for building trust in messaging – A guide to the principles of COVID-19 vaccine communications – Verified

Free creative help for charities – Createxplore

Making remote working actually work – Ben


Advice for looking after wellbeing and mental health in turbulent times

Mental health and Covid-19 webinar series – United for global mental health

Coronavirus and work advice hub – Mind

Top tips for supporting your team’s mental health whilst working from home – British Red Cross

9 mindfulness exercises to help you manage COVID stress – Fingerprint for success

Your Self-Care Toolkit For Dealing With The Tough Months Ahead – Huffpost

How to have things to look forward to right now- happiful

Wellbeing guide for comms professionals – CharityComms

Five ways charity communicators can emotionally protect themselves – CharityComms

Coronavirus and your wellbeing – Mind

Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak – Mental Health Foundation

When home becomes the workplace: mental health and remote work – Forbes

The young professional’s guide to mental health while remote working and career planning

The Journal – The Mind Map (Wellbeing articles)