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Making a powerful case for the not-for-profit sector

Now more than ever we need to build support for our sector so that we can help the country come through the crisis and help the recovery.

Our not-for-profit sector plays a unique role in our society. Our work, expertise and values-led approach are vital to respond to this moment – and to help with the healing and rebuilding process in future.

How we frame calls for government support matters and we need a clear narrative to convey the absolute necessity of our sector. Alongside Nicky Hawkins from The Frameworks Institute we have created some guidance to help you as we as a sector work towards a shared narrative to make sure we are heard and understood (see suggestions below) and are asking everyone to use the #NeverMoreNeeded to help our collective voices be heard.

Check out the campaign’s dedicated website here and read more about how to frame our current situation below.

Never more needed

“The government cannot afford to overlook or undervalue the not for profit sector at the moment. As we navigate the worst impacts of the outbreak, people across the country are relying on charities, the essential support they provide and how they shape our society for the better. And we’ll all continue to rely on their expertise and experience in the recovery effort that lies ahead.”

A unique role

“Not-for-profit organisations make our communities stronger. In the toughest times, we provide support no-one else can. Our unique role and services are invaluable right now and will be essential when our country begins to heal and re-build.”

Meeting everyone’s needs and rights

“Our response to the crisis must match our values as a country and our hopes for a more equal and compassionate society. What we do and how we allocate resources will only be effective if we include the people, problems and places that are often overlooked. The work we do – and our relationships with communities – shows the need to strive to meet everyone’s needs and rights, right now and during the recovery.”

Looking to the future

“As we move through this moment of acute crisis, we lift up our shared values and use them as a guide for what comes next. Now is the time to choose to get this right. Every policy and funding decision should lead us to the future we want: a fair and just society where every one of us can thrive. As we rebuild, let’s redesign our economy and social systems so that they work for all of us.”

*Please also check out our ‘Charity communicator coronavirus resources page’ for more useful tips and advice from across the sector.