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Inspiring Communicator Awards

CharityComms’ Inspiring Communicators Awards recognise and celebrate people who are inspirational communicators within or for their organisations.

An award to rival all others, the ICA’s celebrate those whose services to charity communications truly goes above and beyond. They highlight those people who particularly demonstrate professionalism, expertise and above all are inspirational in their use of communications for a cause or charity.

About the Inspiring Communicator Awards

The Inspiring Communicator Awards recognise and celebrate people who are inspirational communicators within or for their organisations.

Who can be entered?

Anybody can be entered – colleague, employee, manager, volunteer, consultant/agency contact, even your CEO. The nominee doesn’t have to have ‘communications’ in their job title – just running through their veins. Remember: these awards are for individuals, we couldn’t accept entries for a full comms team or groups of colleagues.

What does it cost?

It’s free to nominate if you are an individual or organisational member or a corporate partner of CharityComms. Nominations are only accepted from CharityComms members. If you’re not sure if you or your organisation is a CharityComms member, or would like to join, please contact

Nominees do not need to be a CharityComms member.

Nominations for the 2020 Inspiring Communicator Awards have now closed.

What are the criteria for winning an award?

At its most basic, the winners will be inspiring. But because 2020 has been an extraordinary year, we’d particularly like to recognise those individuals who have really stepped up and helped their organisations face the challenges of the Covid19 pandemic.

The kind of criteria the judges will be looking at include:

• Their use of inspiring communications to champion the work of their charity through the crisis
• Their innovation and creativity – coping with the loss of face to face comms and finding new ways for people to access services and engage online
• Their ability to make things happen despite uncertainty and change
• Their efforts to help others in the charity sector be better overall communicators
• Their commitment to going above and beyond the norm
• Their overall professionalism and high standards

The more areas a person is inspiring in the better – but the judges will be looking for what shines through most strongly in the nominations.

How do I nominate someone?

Submissions for nominations are now closed for 2020.

When the winners are announced can I come to the awards ceremony?

Of course you can! Just head on over to our events page and register now to join us for the official Inspiring Communicator Awards event and winter social on 9 December 2020.