Category: Integration

Positioning and differentiation

By Dan Dufour, BrandDufour
16 November 2010

You need more than mainstream media

By Kirsty Kitchen, Amazon PR
1 October 2010

Amnesty International UK: Our adventures in social media campaigning

By Fiona McLaren, Amnesty International
28 September 2010

Top tips for reporting your charity’s impact

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24 September 2010

Getting the best out of email newsletters

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22 September 2010

How to rebrand on a shoestring budget

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10 September 2010

How @childsi helped me save a life using social media

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3 September 2010

Barts and The London NHS Trust: what makes our PR team award-worthy

By Susan Cunnington-King, Barts and The London NHS Trust
31 August 2010

Five times five = a lot more media coverage

By Joe Saxton, nfpSynergy
27 August 2010

Crafting an effective partnership with a commercial organisation

By Owen Hughes, Wolff Olins
23 August 2010

iPads and the future of charity digital communications

By Jim Raymond, Convio
20 August 2010

Does research help or hinder communications?

By Kevin Baughen, Bottom Line Ideas
13 August 2010

The Royal British Legion: what makes our PR team award-worthy

By Liam Maguire, The Royal British Legion
12 August 2010