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Celebrity challenge

28 May 2013

Connecting a celebrity to your cause can harness their pulling power of media and public interest and tap into a deep well of talent and influential networks. But the process isn’t without potential pitfalls.

Our Best Practice Guide Harnessing the talent: working with celebrities looks at the pros and cons of getting a famous face onside. The guide explores how to decide which celebrities to choose – and whether you’re better off not bothering. It covers how you should approach them, what you can ask them to do, and how you can get the media interested in their involvement. It looks at how to develop a celebrity strategy and highlights the risks to avoid. And it’s completely free to download.

As always with CharityComms’ Best Practice Guides, we’ve distilled advice and ideas from across the sector to inform the report. From Prince William to Paul Smith, from ActionAid to the RSPCA, we’ve included case studies which highlight how charities are making the most of their celebrity supporters. And, in the light of recent scandals, we look at what to do if it all goes wrong and your celebrity is making the wrong sort of headlines.

Working with celebrities can produce an incredible return on the investment you make in the relationship. We hope Harnessing the talent: working with celebrities helps you maximise the opportunities a famous name can offer.

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Vicky Browning


Vicky became CEO of ACEVO, the charity and social leaders’ network, in January 2017, helping to empower our inspiring sector leaders to make the biggest difference they can to their beneficiaries, their organisation and to society. Vicky was previously CharityComms’ director for nearly seven years.