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Five charity campaigns to make you smile

13 August 2019

Sometimes in life it is nice to just stop to appreciate the good things. Negative news cycles and undercurrents of political uncertainty can be draining, so finding some positivity to brighten our days is a worthwhile endeavour. After all a little spot of sunshine in a grey sky can go a long way.

In honour of this pursuit of positivity here are five great digital charity projects to make you smile. Of course this is just a tiny snapshot of what is out there though so if you have any more that you think deserve a mention do get in touch via our Twitter.

Battersea rehoming alerts

The dog and cat rehoming charity recently launched its rehoming news alerts service. Tapping in to the fact supporters and potential donors love hearing about the animals Battersea helps the service enables people to sign up receive text alerts every time an animal from their chosen rehoming centre finds a home. The extra clever bit… everyone who signs up to the service agrees to a 25p text donation in exchange for each message so you can rest assured that feel-good glow is one that keeps on giving.

Coeliac UK food checker app

For people who are coeliac knowing exactly what is in their food is vital, yet as anyone who has had to relentlessly check labels will know that is not always an easy task. Realising the difficulties their core audience faced Coeliac UK partnered up with a food tech company to create a new improved food checker app that makes avoiding food with gluten in much easier. An app that saves precious time so its hungry users can get that grub in them quicker = smiles all round, no wonder it just won a ‘best use of an app’ award at the membership excellence awards.

Marine Conservation Society donate your guilt

We’ve all been there, popped to the shops and got there only to realise we have forgotten the reusable bag we swore to ourselves we would use more. Then, if you are anything like me you probably get hit by a familiar yet horrible sense of guilt at having to buy yet another plastic bag. Somehow Marine Conservation Society’s latest campaign taps brilliantly into this feeling and urges people to ‘donate their guilt’ by making a donation everytime this happens.

Plan International sponsor a child TV ad behind the scenes

Empowering the children they help to tell their own stories Plan International let a group of sponsored children in Ghana film make their own video showing how sponsorship impacts their lives. A great example of how letting people tell their own stories is so important the video is undeniably powerful and truly heart warming to watch.

Time to Change instagram quote cards

There are so many great ways in which Time to Change are working to normalise conversations around mental health but the use of their relatively simple instagram quote cards is the one that really hits home for me. Simple and effective, seeing how people feel about their mental health written down in such a succinct and matter of fact way is visually striking and unavoidably thought provoking. It really shows how truly tapping into the knowledge you have about your target audience can help you deliver clever and cost effective social content. Sometimes simplicity really is best.

Photo: Edu Lauton

Christine Fleming

Head of digital content, CharityComms

Christine is the head of digital content at CharityComms in charge of the commissioning and editing of all content on the site as well as leading on the project management of the new look best practice guides. A former journalist with a background in online news, she has a masters in Global Media and Transnational Communications and is passionate about comms and helping charity communications thrive.