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CharityComms podcast relaunches: A conversation with Karen Hobbs

9 June 2020

As charity communicators we all know the power of an authentic and honest story. The power it gives us to help others understand the things we care most about and to help us forge human connections.

That’s why we as a team are super excited to be using the relaunch of the CharityComms podcast as a platform for telling the personal stories of amazing charity communicators. After a slightly extended break the podcast is back and this time we’re turning the spotlight on members of the community who work tirelessly to tell the stories of others and who inspire us all in the process, as we ask them why they do what they do and what being a charity communicator means to them.

Our first guest on the rebooted podcast’s inspiring charity communicator series is the wonderful Karen Hobbs from The Eve Appeal. Funny, charming and unfalteringly honest, Karen has been a stalwart of The Eve Appeal’s Ask Eve advice service for the last few years. She has even been christened by colleagues as the ‘cancer information sweetheart’.

Comedy and Cancer: A conversation with Karen Hobbs:

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A charity communicator through and through Karen won an Inspiring Communicator Award last year and is known for how she uses comedy and tales of her own experience with gynae cancer to help others understand less openly talked about health issues. She so clearly personifies when passion meets purpose and it overflows and makes you want to be better informed about how to look out for the signs and spread awareness.

As the new host of the CharityComms podcast I can’t wait to share the stories of some of the amazing communicators from our sector with you our listeners. I hope you keep tuning in and are left feeling inspired after every instalment as those who work so hard to tell the stories of others start to share their own personal stories too.

If you know a great charity communicator with an amazing story that you think needs to be told then let the CharityComms team know, we are on Twitter @CharityComms. Or you can also get in touch with me personally, on Twitter @LaurenHaizel.

Listen to this episode on AudioBoom from your desktop or download from Spotify or from the podcast app on your iPhone. You can also download a copy of the full transcription.

Lauren Obeng-Owusu

Events and membership assistant, CharityComms