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Design brief template

15 July 2017

Looking to produce a poster for your event? Or an infographic to communicate your impact?

Use this template to ensure your designer knows exactly what you require. Just fill in the form and add in your own branding.

Tips for using this template


This template was created by Kellie Smith. Thanks to Catch22, LandAid, Parkinson’s, SeeAbility, Sustrans and The Air Ambulance Service, all of who submitted examples of design briefs to help us come up with this template.

Most importantly, thanks to all our members for making this possible. We’re only able to offer this template for free because of the support of our members. If you’d like to see more template documents like this, and benefit from free events, peer support and knowledge sharing, get in touch with Sarah to find out more about becoming a CharityComms member.

Help us make more template documents

We’re expanding the range of documents we have available and we need your help to create more. If you have ideas for other templates we might create, please let us know in the comments below or email Christine with your ideas. Even better, send us examples of the documents you use, so we can create a template version for everyone.