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Digital Benchmark terms and conditions

All you need to know about what you are signing up to with the Digital Benchmark.

Joining the CharityComms Digital Benchmark as a participant charity indicates acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

About the Benchmark

The CharityComms Digital Benchmark is a syndicate of charities benchmarking their digital performance. Its two objectives are to allow individual charities to compare the metrics, facts and figures of their own digital activities with peer charities in the UK, and to provide insights and ideas into how charities can develop their digital communications and fundraising work in the UK.

Data is collected automatically from Google Analytics (which the charities must set up and maintain in order to participate) and an annual survey which participant charities must complete.

Participating charities are given access to a Google Data Studio report, containing the data collected from Google Analytics, which allows them to benchmark their online performance against peer charities. Supplementary analysis and commentary on the data may also be provided via blogs, presentations, spreadsheets, events, and reports, where appropriate.

Participating charities will be invited, free of charge, to our annual Digital Benchmark meeting (at which we report the results of our annual survey) to be held at such a time and place as CharityComms may determine. Participating charities will arrange and pay their own costs of travel and accommodation in attending the presentations or seminars.

CharityComms may work with external partners to deliver the Benchmark. All partners will sign non-disclosure agreements before they are given access to any confidential data. CharityComms and these partners will be referred to as “the Benchmark partners” henceforth.

Commitment from participating charities:

  • To setup, implement and maintain a new “CharityComms Benchmarking” Google Analytics view, in direct accordance with guidance received from the Benchmark partners
  • To notify the Benchmark partners in advance of any significant changes to their Google Analytics setup (eg deletion of Google Analytics properties, new website launches/migrations)
  • To complete our annual survey to the fullest possible extent within deadlines set by the Benchmark partners (usually August/September)
  • To share data relevant to the Benchmark with the Benchmark partners as requested
  • Not to share Benchmark data, resources, or information derived from the Benchmark, with other organisations (including non-participating charities and third-party agencies). Moreover, to use Benchmark data only for internal purposes, unless with the written permission of CharityComms. If CharityComms does consent to any external use of the Benchmark information, the participating charities shall use all reasonable endeavours to credit CharityComms as the source of this information
  • To effect and maintain all reasonable security measures to safeguard access to Benchmark data, resources and any information derived from the Benchmark, from access or use by any unauthorised person

Commitment from CharityComms:

  • We will respect the privacy and commercial sensitivities of the participating charities (see privacy statement below)
  • We acknowledge that the data collected from individual charities via the Benchmark remains the property of the individual charities, but that any reports or information regarding comparative analysis of the data remains the property of CharityComms
  • We will not share individual charities’ data collected via the Benchmark with parties other than participating charities and our partners in managing the Benchmark (eg data collection agency), unless the charity gives prior written consent for it to be shared with a wider audience. All Benchmark partners will sign non-disclosure agreements
  • CharityComms may share certain trends and top-level statistics drawn from data analysis with an audience wider than the participating charities, with a view to increasing future participation in the Benchmark and/or sharing knowledge within the sector, according to our charitable purpose
  • We will not sell any data collected via the Benchmark


Participation in the Benchmark will incur an annual fee, to be paid in advance by participating charities. Participation costs £400+vat per calendar year for CharityComms organisational members. For non-members, it costs £1,000+vat. CharityComms reserves the right to vary the fee, depending on the costs incurred in managing the Benchmark and the number of charities participating. Participating charities will be informed in writing of the level of the fee no later than December each year. Charities must confirm annually the renewal of their participation, within the dates specified by CharityComms. Charities are under no obligation to renew. Charities can withdraw from the Benchmark at any time and for any reason, although fees will not be refunded.

Liability and indemnity

  • Participating charities shall indemnify and keep indemnified CharityComms against all costs, losses or expenses resulting from any breach or non-performance by the participating charity of any of its obligations under this agreement.
  • CharityComms accepts no liability whatsoever for any claims, costs, damages, expenses, liability or loss arising directly or indirectly in relation to this agreement. In no circumstances whatsoever shall CharityComms be liable in contract, tort (including negligence and breach of statutory duty) or otherwise for any loss (whether direct or indirect) of profits, goodwill or business opportunity or for any other indirect, special or consequential loss (whether or not reasonably foreseeable and even if CharityComms had been advised of the possibility of the participating charity incurring the same).


  • CharityComms shall be under no liability for any failure, delay or omission on its part to provide the Benchmark service if such a failure, delay or omission arises as a result of any reason beyond its reasonable control.
  • CharityComms reserves the right to make any alterations in the method of collection or processing of the materials or any other data and information relating to this agreement or in the content or layout of such data which does not result in any change in the nature of the service which can reasonably be regarded as substantial.
  • CharityComms will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of all materials, analysis and commentary provided as part of the Benchmark, but no warranty is given as to the accuracy of or as to any inference contained in any part of the Benchmark nor can any responsibility be accepted from any loss arising therefrom.
  • All parties shall comply with UK Data Protection laws (as replaced, modified, or re-enacted from time-to-time).

Privacy statement

All of your survey answers and data will be treated in strictest confidence by the Benchmark partners. All personal data related to administrating the Benchmark (eg name and email of contacts at your charity) is kept in accordance with CharityComms privacy policy, a copy of which can be found here.

Cookies and anonymous data

In addition to the cookies sent by our website (details of which can be found in our privacy & cookies policy), our Google Data Studio reports may also send cookies to your PC. These cookies help us to understand more about how our reports are used and in turn to make sure that the reports reflect your needs. You can read more about cookies in our website privacy & cookies policy. You can also see Google’s privacy policy here.

By browsing our Data Studio reports, you are accepting the use of cookies. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your PC it is possible to disable this function within your browser without affecting your navigation around the site. See our privacy & cookies policy for further details of how to disable cookies.

Last updated: August 2021.