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Trial the Digital Benchmark dashboard

Have a look at a sample version of the Digital Benchmark dashboard. See how participating charities compare their online performance across audience, device, traffic sources and social media.

Please note, the data contained in this sample dashboard is only sample data. The data is entirely random, so should not be used to compare your charity’s performance. If you would like to compare your charity’s data with real Benchmark data, sign up to to see the real dashboard.

Features of the dashboard include:

  • Choose who you benchmark against: filter the charities you compare with based on income, sector or team size
  • Change the dates: compare your performance over any time period
  • Sort the tables: click on a column heading to see where your charity would rank on that metric
  • Export the data: right click to export all the data to Excel or Google Sheets
  • Share the report: let your senior management or colleagues see how well you’re performing

Sign up to participate to get all these features, plus real data from more than 60 other charities.