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William Joseph

We are a creative agency working with organisations who are doing good in the world. We apply design and product thinking to a variety of different situations, depending on what is needed.

Most of our projects are a combination of strategy and delivery. We believe that by focusing on both areas, we are more effective at each. Our strategic choices makes our delivery better and because we can understand the sharp end, we help our clients make better strategic decisions.


"Despite our humble beginnings, Trees for Cities has real impact in the neighbourhoods in which we operate. We now have a brand which truly reflects this impact and we couldn’t be happier with the results."

David Elliot, CEO, Trees for Cities

"We wanted to test our assumptions and build our new website accordingly. Now our content is beautifully presented, easy to understand and offers an intuitive user journey to donate or find out more."

Rebecca Sterry, Autistica

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