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Embracing a passion for comms to become a trustee

13 July 2021

Becoming a charity trustee is a big deal. It takes dedication, passion and a deep commitment to helping organisations reach their vision and goals to best serve those who’s interests they represent. That’s why we are super excited to be able to share who you, our members, have chosen to represent you on the CharityComms board.

Out of the 15 amazing candidates who put themselves up for election CharityComms members had to narrow it down to just three winners – each of whom brings amazing experience and passion to the role.

Here are the three candidates you chose, and a bit more about what being a charity communicator means to them and what they hope to bring to the role of trustee:

Vishnee Sauntoo
Head of communications, Age International

With a background in both science and charity communications Vishnee is able to break down really complex information into simple English. Comms is clearly a passion and Vishnee feels lucky to have been able to work in this field at a range of great charities.

“For me the passion was being in a charity and seeing the good that can happen. Being able to say that you’ve made a difference when you go home. Whether it’s been a tough day or not you know you’ve made a difference and it’s not just about getting that salary every month, you actually feel better about what you’re doing.

“The most exciting thing is when you go and see the work that is happening and you realise actually you helped contribute to that.”

So what is it that being a trustee will mean to Vishnee?

“I’ve been a mentor for CharityComms for quite a long time, I’ve been to all the events and it’s been brilliant but I thought there’s a new era coming and I wanted to be part of that. The whole equality and diversity conversations this year that we’re hearing about, I feel I can contribute to that and at least give a voice to other people who aren’t as lucky as I am to be in this position.”

Nick Radmore
Deputy director (Brand and Content), Great Ormond Street Hospital & Charity

Bringing together a mix of commercial and charity experience Nick knows all about the power great comms has to change things for the better. A former Inspiring Communicator award winner Nick has spent the best part of two decades demonstrating that great comms is vital for charities to survive and thrive.

“I’ve learnt that great marcoms plays a vital role in driving engagement, income and impact. And I’ve learnt that we can achieve so much more by sharing best practice. I’ve benefitted massively from being a mentor and mentee at CharityComms and now relish the chance to help drive the profile of great comms and collaboration in the sector.”

So what is it that being a trustee will mean to Nick?

“I would love the opportunity to work with the CharityComms team, Trustees and members to find ways to show the true value of marketing and comms in driving income and impact across the sector.

“Marketing and comms shouldn’t be an add-on or nice-to-have, subject to budgets. Or merely something that’s important in times of crisis or reputation management – we need to show the ROI that great marketing and comms can achieve.”

Muna Hussen, Head of marketing and fundraising, The Bike Project

As someone with first-hand experience of needing the support of charities Muna understands the importance of not just speaking to the communities we serve, but opening a dialogue with them. Combine this with a long background in comms and marketing, and you can see why Muna is passionate about pushing forward for positive change.

“As a black woman, who was once a refugee, I am acutely familiar with being part of a historically excluded community. I use this knowledge to create what I hope are better, more authentic communications.

“Change can sometimes be painful, but it’s sorely needed in the non-profit sector.”

So what is it that being a trustee will mean to Muna?

“In these unprecedented times, Charities are the fifth emergency service. Now more than ever we need to be at the forefront of valuable, genuine human connection with the communities we serve.

“CharityComms can be a leader in supporting charities in developing their communication with historically excluded communities-and I think I have the lived experience, passion, and insight to help them to drive that crucial work forward.”

Finally, the CharityComms team would just like to say a big thank you to all of the wonderful candidates who put themselves forward for the nomination process and to all our members who took the time to vote. We could not have done this without your support.

Image: Aleza van der Werff on Unsplash

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