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Environmental pledge

Read what CharityComms is doing to reduce its environmental impact.


CharityComms acknowledges the environmental crisis will impact every charity and every person they exist to serve and support, no matter their core charity purpose.

We recognise that existing inequalities cause disadvantaged groups to suffer disproportionately from climate crisis. We also acknowledge that some groups are more exposed and therefore, more vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


In line with our own charitable purpose and values we are committed to highlighting the issues and helping our members to harness the transformational power of communications to drive positive environmental action.

We will share communications expertise and celebrate the most impactful communications helping us to change the way we live our lives and to promote positive environmental solutions.

We will take practical steps to better understand and reduce our own environmental impact.


We have taken some initial practical steps to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Stopped printing except for essential needs. 
  • Switched to the web host Guru – a provider that uses green energy or compensates for its services.
  • Switched from a physical to a digital events offering, reducing our event material carbon footprint.
  • Created a digital template for all our best practice resources.
  • Engaged staff in regular team meetings to develop environmental policy and action.
  • Recycled laptop hardware and old office equipment.
  • No physical posting or printing of membership/marketing materials.
  • Moved to a hybrid working arrangement with less travel into work.

We still have much to do. Over 2022-23 we will develop and implement plans and continue to share our journey to inspire and support others:

  • We will take practical steps to better understand and reduce our own environmental impact.
  • We will continue to engage as a team (at all levels) and with partners on this issue to develop our understanding and action plan. 
  • We will signpost resources for members including light-touch tools and templates to help support them on their own environmental journey.