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Audience strategy: understanding and connecting with stakeholders


26 May 2016

With trust in charities under pressure, is it time for us to do less talking and more listening?

How can we develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our different audiences and how they want to engage with us?

At this stakeholder-focused conference delegates explored audience engagement at a strategic level, and attended case studies and interactive workshops showcasing tools and techniques they can apply to understand their audiences better, and craft communications that connect with their lives and motivations.

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Better listening
Viki Cooke, founding director, BritainThinks

What can we achieve together?
Tobin Aldrich, CEO,  Misfit Foundation
Imogen Ward, chief executive, Lessons for Life Foundation

1a: Beyond the pen portrait – creating empathy with your audiences
Selina Fox, director, RandallFox
Sam Neill, specialist associate, RandallFox
Susannah Randall, director, RandallFox

1b: How do we create amazing supporter experiences?
Richard Spencer, director, Commission on the Donor Experience

1c: Audience mapping – drawing on your own internal expertise
Clair Grant-Salmon, audience development manager, IIED

2a: Co-creation for impact
James Tattersfield, head of strategy, Latimer Group

2b: Perfect partnerships – #JeffsMarch
Gareth Ellis-Thomas, head of digital, Prostate Cancer UK
Sadie Crabtree, digital engagement manager, Prostate Cancer UK

2c: Smart segmentation to keep your campaigns fresh, relevant and effective – TyreSafe case study
Jason Simms, communications director, CJAM Group

3a: Balancing public and specialist audiences
Rhonda Smith, director, Minerva UK Ltd

3b: Preaching beyond the choir – #showthelove
Beth Tegg, project director, The Climate Coalition

***Coming soon***

3c: Segmentation in practice
Ciara Smyth, director of insight, planning and strategy, Stroke Association

Building an audience strategy from the ground up
Al Scott, head of marketing, Anthony Nolan

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