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Brand Breakfast: Audience insight on a budget

Brand Breakfast
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This event took place on 28 January 2021 and all registered delegates were sent direct access details for the recordings. Please only book your place here if you missed the event the first time round.

This on demand event is free and exclusive to CharityComms members.

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Audience insight is hugely important for any brand – but how to do it on a budget? In this session, we’ll be hearing about charities both small and large who gathered insight on their audiences on a budget. We’ll hear about the techniques and tools they used to gather their insights with a range of audiences. We’ll also learn what insights are and how to unearth them. Finally, we’ll have time for some much needed peer-to-peer discussions and hot potatoes too. It’s a bumper session, and you don’t want to miss it! 

Welcome and Housekeeping

Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

Brand in Ten: What’s an insight and how to unearth them?

Strong brands are based on insights to make sure they are authentic and differentiated. Human insights to connect with our audiences. Organisational insights to ensure brands complement the corporate strategy, skills and aspirations. And sector insights to ensure the brand fits cultural trends and is differentiated. Dan will guide us through some of the tools available to identify insights from primary and desk research to market and trends analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, public omnibus, surveys, online panels and good old focus groups. The mind boggles.

Dan Dufour 
brand strategist, Red Stone

Insight for action – You’ve gathered your insights, now what?

Audience insight is vital – it can help you understand how your audience perceives or interacts with your brand. But what do you do with those insights? In 2019, Foothold underwent a full rebrand and as a small charity with limited resource, they have to make sure their activities are impactful. In this presentation, Li-Anne will cover how insights led to a rebrand and how insights continue to inform the organisation.

Li-Anne Quinn
marketing and communications manager, Foothold

Peer-to-peer discussions

We’ll break into small groups to talk about how you’re gathering audience insight on a budget. 

Fighting for hope – how The Children’s Society worked with young people to find a brand fit for the future of a generation

In a purpose-driven world, an authentic, distinctive and unique brand purpose has become a critical foundation for success. The Children’s Society relaunched it’s brand in October built around hope – a clear and highly relevant purpose for the extraordinary times we are living in. Join Chris to find out how The Children’s Society rediscovered it’s brand purpose and personality, co-created with young people.

Christine Phillips
director of marketing and communications, The Children's Society

Brand Hot Potatoes

Bring your burning brand questions to the group, and we’ll pull together to give you advice and ideas! 


Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

Brand Breakfast is sponsored by:

Red Stone is an award-winning creative agency. 

They provide brand strategy and campaigns to leading UK organisations. 

They have a proven track record in delivering outstanding creative that connects brands with their audiences.

If you’re refreshing, renewing or re-thinking your brand – they’re happy to talk to you, to bring their strategic and creative strengths to your communications.

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About the Brand Breakfast

CharityComms’ Brand Breakfast is a group for professionals working in brand to come together to discuss issues of mutual interest and share examples of good practice.

The format of the meetings is usually two or three presentations on a specific topic, followed by small group discussions, providing a combination of best practice and peer-to-peer sharing.

These events are a great opportunity to meet your peers, compare notes on workplace practices and share successes, ideas, challenges and inspiration. The group is designed to encourage networking and peer to peer support, sharing issues in a ‘safe’ environment.

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