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Brand engagement

Brand Breakfast

9 July 2014

We all want our audiences to not just like our brand, but to fall in love with it and to build a loyal relationship with it that endures over time. 

However, the rules of engagement are constantly changing. So what forms of brand engagement work best today? And how do we make sure our brand essence runs through them all? 

Jon Alexander, former brand strategist at the National Trust, looked at the importance of starting from the purpose of your organisation, and of seeing people as participants in that purpose. Jon shared his experience of putting a clear idea at the heart of the Trust and using this as a platform for creative ideas that involve people in the work and spirit of the organisation.

Vicki Loomes, trend analyst at examined three key trends that non-profits should be tracking, and explored how brands both inside and outside the sector are already using them to drive audience connection and engagement.


Jon Alexander, director, New Citizenship Project

Victoria Loomes, trend analyst,