Behaviour change campaigning

Campaign Network
14 March 2018
15.00 - 17.30
Free and exclusive to CharityComms members (charities only)

These events are for heads of campaigns and campaign leads only as we will be discussing strategic issues.

World Animal Protection
5th Floor
222 Grays Inn Road

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As campaigners, there are many different ways to create change. Often we use legislation/regulation as the main route but social change can sometimes require a different approach, and therefore different tactics for the same outcome. Creating and causing behavioural change on a widespread basis is just one example of where we can diversify and enhance our campaigning approach.

Using behaviour change theory with our traditional influencing campaigning we can change attitudes and win over the hearts and minds of audiences that wouldn’t necessarily be natural supporters of our causes, while also pushing for policy changes.

So what makes behaviour change campaigning different to traditional influencing campaigning? And how can it influence, interlink with and support this traditional form of campaigning? We’ll be exploring these questions and more at this meeting of the Campaign Network.

We’ll kick off the event with presentations from Paul Donnelly, head of campaigns at Shelter and Ben Caspersz, managing director at Claremont Communications. Following their talks, we’ll have facilitator-led discussions, before ending with networking.

Questions to consider for the discussions:

  • Why are we moving (or even are we) towards public attitudes change and away from policy change campaigns?
  • How can behaviour change compliment/interlink/support/diversify ‘traditional’ influencing campaigning for greater impact?
  • How can we use behaviour change to engage and mobilise supporters?
  • How can we gain buy-in/traction internally as well as with beneficiaries and supporters?
  • What is the skill set required to deliver a behaviour change campaign?
  • How can behaviour change campaigning tackle stigma and discrimination?
  • How can you track and measure the impact of behaviour change campaigns?

About the Campaign Network

The Campaign Network is a joint initiative from CharityComms and the Social Change Agency looking to address a gap for heads of campaigns and campaign leads in UK charities for strategic development, campaign sector development and professional development.

The Network provides an opportunity for campaign peers to meet to discuss important issues at a strategic level, in order to raise the standard around campaigning. The format of the afternoon is a round-table discussion, led by our excellent facilitators, feeding into the group as a whole.

Exclusive to heads of campaigns working in UK charities and not-for-profits with a turnover of more than £2 million (CharityComms charity members only)

To be added to the Campaign Network mailing list or if you’re interested in sponsoring this group, please contact Harriet Smith

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