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Creating video content on a tight budget

Creatives Group

11 September 2014

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Forrester Research. That’s a lot of words.

But producing great video content on a tight budget and limited resources is challenging. And while you may be chuffed with the end result, how do you know if it’s been successful in delivering your message and creating change?

With over 75% of the UK public knowing little or nothing about Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s UK wanted to take a new approach to raising awareness, launching a short film with a simple story to inform the public about the condition. Parkinson’s UK discussed why they chose to produce a video, how they persuaded the organisation to take this risk, the process of creating it in-house (including composing and recording an original soundtrack) and on a tight budget, the results and what they’d do differently next time.

Presentation: Clare Reid, senior marketing officer and Mike South, audiovisual producer at Parkinson’s UK

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