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Creativity vs Brand

Creatives Group

30 January 2018

How can you stretch your brand and flex the guidelines to allow for creativity, while also staying true to what you are, and what you’re not?

At this event we were joined by a designer, content creator, marketer and video producer sharing their experience of creatively bending the brand.


Live recordings: If you’re a CharityComms member, you can watch the presentations from the day on our Vimeo channel. You’ll find the links to each recording below with the presentations – drop Sarah Cutress an email to get the password to access them.

The marketer
Communications specialist, Alex Scott discussed how a brand can and should be empowered by creativity in the widest sense of the word.

Watch the live recording of Alex’s presentation via our Vimeo channel (exclusive to CharityComms members)

The content creator
Anthony Nolan’s creative studio manager, Horacio Herrera-Richmond looked at his dual roles of ‘protecting the brand’ and producing creative design and copy.

Watch the live recording of Horacio’s presentation via our Vimeo channel (exclusive to CharityComms members)

The designer
Chloe Ainsley, senior graphic designer at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust shared how they produce designed pieces that involve flexing the brand guidelines to help their target audiences feel engaged, empowered and excited.

Watch the live recording of Chloe’s presentation via our Vimeo channel (exclusive to CharityComms members)

The video producer
World Animal Protection’s multimedia producer, Georgina Ash covered how brand and video influence each other, and the challenges and opportunities their rebrand has brought to the way they commission and create video content. 

Slide 14: World Animal Protection – Captured for a moment. Captured for a lifetime.

Slide 17: World Animal Protection – #betterlivesfordogs

Slide 21: World Animal Protection – Natual behaviour. Unnatural behaviour.

Watch the live recording of Georgina’s presentation via our Vimeo channel (exclusive to CharityComms members)

About the Creatives Group

This networking group is for professionals working in in-house creative teams (of one or more people) within UK charities and not-for-profits. It’s a gathering of creative leads, editors, publications managers, designers, production folk, content producers and more.

The group meets three times a year to focus on a common challenge. The format of the meetings is one or two presentations on a specific topic, followed by small group discussions, providing a combination of best practice and peer-to-peer sharing.

The events give you the chance to meet your peers, compare notes on workplace practices and share successes, ideas, challenges and inspiration. The group is designed to encourage networking and peer to peer support, sharing issues in a ‘safe’ environment.

If you’d like to be one of the first to hear about these events, please email Sarah Cutress to be added to the mailing list.

If you’re interested in presenting at a future event or joining the steering group, please contact Vanessa Weddell.