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Great comms campaigns I wish I’d done


18 June 2014

This seminar was an energising quick-fire afternoon of inspiration and insight, looking at communications campaigns which have changed the game, challenged thinking, or found a new way to engage people with an issue.

Our speakers shared the campaigns they most admire, explained what made them so great and drew out lessons to learn for communicators.


Campaign: Long Live Southbank
Adeela Warley, head of communications, Friends of the Earth

Campaign: Finding Mike – Rethink Mental Illness
Brie Rogers-Lowery, UK director,

Article about Finding Mike

Campaign: #Turnofftoturnon – Durex
Dan Dufour, head of brand and engagement, The Good Agency

Campaign: Equal marriage in the USA – US Human Rights Campaign
Farah Nazeer, director of policy and campaigns, Bond

Campaign: 25 years, still red hot – Virgin Atlantic
Gail Scott-Spicer, director of marketing and communications, The Scout Association

Campaign: No one should face cancer alone – Macmillan Cancer Support
Alex Scott, head of marketing, Anthony Nolan

Campaign: Davina 'Beyond Breaking Point' – Sport Relief 2014
Tom Pey, chief executive, RLSB

Campaign: Don't cover it up – Refuge
Emma Guise, head of media, Macmillan Cancer Support

Article on Don't cover it up

Campaign: The Bee Cause – Friends of the Earth
Jane Harris, managing director, campaigns and engagement, Leonard Cheshire Disability

Campaign: Movember
Matthew Sherrington, independent charity consultant

Campaign: Stoptober – NHS
Patrick Ladbury, communications manager, The NSMC

Campaign: '1984' Macintosh launch campaign – Apple
Max du Bois, executive director, Spencer du Bois