Heads of Digital

Heads of Digital
18 March 2015

This networking group is exclusively for heads of digital working in UK charities and not-for-profits with a turnover of more than £10 million.

The format of the evening is a round-table discussion, led by our excellent facilitators, feeding into the group as a whole. 

Topic: How do you define success?

Questions to consider:

  • What are the top five KPIs you report on? How do they relate back to organisational goals, and how you measure them?
  • Who defines success criteria – is it the digital team, the stakeholders within the organisation or a mix?
  • How are the people involved empowered to deliver against success criteria – and what holds them back?
  • How easy is it to report back on outcomes of campaigns, projects, product launches etc?
  • On longer projects, what are good ways to handle shifting sands – eg changes in personnel, organisational expectations, strategic direction? How do you de-risk the ability to deliver success?
  • Does the organisation’s definition of success help or hinder innovation, testing and new thinking?
  • How often does ‘success’ match up with what your target audience wants and needs?

If you wish to attend this event or if you'd like to be added to the Heads of Digital mailing list please contact Harriet Smith or call 020 7426 8863.

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