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‘Burst the bubble’- how do we reach beyond our established audiences?


17 November 2016

It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern, drawing on the tried and tested messages that work with the people who are already on board with a cause. And social media can amplify the ‘filter bubble’ effect, limiting interactions to simple agreement or hostile trolling.

But to effect real change, often we need to reach out and build consensus, or unexpected alliances with people who don’t see things the same way as we do. And sometimes, we need to shift perceptions and attitudes before our messages can even be heard.

At this event, we heard from organisations that are taking steps to reach out to audiences who are less than warm, to build bridges and to change hearts and minds.


Rainbow Laces: connecting with hostile audiences
Robbie de Santos, head of campaigns, Stonewall

What can we learn from Brexit?
Nicky Hawkins, communications director, Equally Ours

The ‘Hidden’ Audiences
Patricia Macauley and Jag Poonia, directors, Cultural Intelligence Hub