How to win change in difficult political times

Campaign Network
5 June 2019
15.00 - 17.30
Free and exclusive to CharityComms members (charities only). These events are for heads of campaigns and campaign leads only as we will be discussing strategic issues.

Office Building (entrance on Regent’s Park Road)
Chalk Farm Rd

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The political climate is more uncertain than it’s ever been in recent times. With a government blindsided by Brexit and tentative to charity campaigns, what can we do to win change?

At this event we’ll hear from organisations who’ve had campaigning success in these tricky times, finding out how they did this and what we can learn. We’ll also explore how we can improve team morale when things aren’t going our way and what we can do together as a sector to improve the situation.

On the agenda

15.00 - 15.15
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15.20 - 15.35
5 ways to win change with MPs

Winning change with MPs is never easy; but your chances improve when your strategy is backed up with data. Based on regular polling of MPs and Peers for over 15 years, Becca and Fiona will be sharing insights on MPs’ attitudes towards charities, different charities’ experiences of lobbying in Parliament, and factors which could positively and negatively impact on the success of your campaign work.

Becca Thomas, research officer and media co-ordinator, nfpSynergy

Fiona Wallace, head of influencer audiences research, nfpSynergy

15.35 - 16.15
Case studies of campaigning success
  • NCTs #HiddenHalf campaign on maternal mental health has been making great headway despite these difficult political times. They’ve achieved backing from 80 MPs and three Ministers, and NHS England has just announced they’re undertaking a review of maternal postnatal checks based on the campaign. Vicky will tell us all about their strategic decisions (reflecting the political climate), the different strands of the work, the lessons learned and tips for winning change with a small team. Vicky Fobel, public affairs and campaigns manager, NCT
  • Generation Rent’s campaigns to fix private renting have made good progress despite difficult political times. The campaign to ban letting fees for tenants resulted in the Tenant Fees Act 2019, with significant tightening of the legislation achieved even as the Bill went through Parliament. And the campaign to end section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions has gathered pace by building alliances with local authorities and other organisations while the government’s focus is on Brexit. Hannah will discuss the challenges and opportunities of influencing government at this time, and how Generation Rent is navigating its way through to gain real wins for private renters. Hannah Slater, policy and public affairs manager, Generation Rent
16.15 - 16.40
Group discussions on how to win change in difficult political times
  • How can we reframe a challenge into an opportunity?
  • Discuss areas that we could focus our energy on while Parliament is in deadlock such as building a coalition with unlikely bedfellows, concentrating on local authority policy or focusing on behaviour change.
16.40 - 17.05
Group discussions on raising our spirits!
  • How can we improve team morale when things aren’t going our way?
  • How can we recognise and celebrate moments and milestones collectively?
  • What ways can we come together to provide support to each other and improve the situation?
17.05 - 17.30

About the Campaign Network

The Campaign Network is a joint initiative from CharityComms and the Social Change Agency looking to address a gap for heads of campaigns and campaign leads in UK charities for strategic development, campaign sector development and professional development.

The Network will provide an opportunity for campaign peers to meet to discuss important issues at a strategic level, in order to raise the standard around campaigning. The format of the afternoon is a round-table discussion, led by our excellent facilitators, feeding into the group as a whole.

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