The power of human stories: how to be an authentic storyteller

28 February 2019
09.30 - 17.15
CharityComms organisational and individual members: £180+vat
Corporate Partners: £225+vat
Small charity (income up to £1m) and freelancers: £200+vat
Medium charity (income £1-5m): £250+vat
Large charity (income £5m - 10m): £285+vat
Super large charity (income £10m+): £315+vat
Corporate/Public sector: £400+vat

This venue is wheelchair accessible.

etc. venues Prospero House
241 Borough High Street

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Humans are storytelling animals. From the beginnings of language, stories have helped us understand ourselves and the world around us. They have a place in every culture and create a sense of community among listeners and tellers.

Charities have an abundance of incredible stories, that if told well, can spark imagination, passion and the most loyal support. They can also help charities to bring people together and solidify abstract concepts and complex messages.

However, behind every story is a person with real fears, hopes, vulnerabilities and futures. As charity comms professionals we must tell stories honestly, openly and authentically, all the while protecting the people who lend us their stories.

With a range of talks, workshops and peer discussions this conference will explore the ethical considerations and practical techniques for finding, crafting and telling your stories.

On the agenda:

  • Understanding and channelling the psychological power of storytelling
  • Co-creating stories – involving, empowering and respecting your case studies
  • Making the most of the “storification” of social media
  • Channelling stories up from the frontline – establishing lines of communication
  • Tips, techniques and processes for unleashing your inner storyteller
  • Developing powerful narratives to bring your brand to life
  • How to use stories at different points of the customer journey – to recruit, mobilise or demonstrate impact
  • Maintaining credibility, authenticity, transparency and accountability in story-telling without losing the “story”
  • Interview techniques for working with vulnerable people
  • Informed consent procedure and best practice
  • Where to store your stories and how to best utilise them
  • Creating stories that can be used flexibly across different channels
  • The implications of GDPR for using case studies
  • Lunchtime storytelling sessions

Refreshments and snacks will be provided during the breaks and there’ll be a two-course networking lunch.

Who is this for?

This conference will suit most comms professionals looking to develop their storytelling skills. Especially useful for anyone newish to finding and representing human stories in their communications. Also relevant to anyone wishing to evaluate their charity’s overall approach to finding and protecting their case studies. Relevant job titles include press managers, copywriters, case study writers or content and comms officers and managers.  

Have a question about the content? Please get in touch with Emma. Have a question about the event in general? Please get in touch with Harri.

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