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Inspiring young volunteers to engage with your cause


19 March 2014

Young people aged 16-25 are more likely to volunteer regularly than any other age group. But with youth unemployment running over three times higher than for older adults, they are increasingly pragmatic about what volunteering can offer them in terms of skills and experience.

How do we best engage with young people to inspire effective short-term relationships, and develop long-term commitments? This seminar looked at the needs and motivations of young people, shared good practice and we heard from young volunteers themselves.

This event was supported by nfpSynergy  



Tweets from the event.

Patrick Brennan, research director, and Amina Ali, researcher, nfpSynergy

Lorna Forbes, head of marketing projects, vInspired

Anella Wickenden, engagement manager and Lisa Telfer, events officer, Youth Team, ActionAid, and Corinne Cumming and Amanjit Dhillon, social media volunteers, Bollocks to Poverty