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Integrated PR campaigns

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3 July 2017

It’s often the case in charities that the PR team are approached at the last minute by other teams like fundraising or marketing to help them in promoting and gaining media attention for a campaign they are yet to be involved in.

But at the British Heart Foundation the PR and comms team have pulled together to realign its position, jumping into the driving seat to produce its successful series of integrated condition-led campaigns.

At this event the BHF shared with us how they made the case to their senior leadership team, how they’ve been taking an integrated approach working closely with other teams, how they effectively planned and co-ordinated the campaigns with so many stakeholders involved, the internal challenges and opportunities this collaborative approach created and their approach in sourcing the right media targets for the campaigns.


Live recording: If you’re a CharityComms member, you can watch the presentation on our Vimeo channel. Please drop Sarah Cutress an email to get the password to access it.

Andrew Webster, senior communications manager, Jenny Mitchell, research communications officer and Sara Ashraf, media manager (retail), British Heart Foundation

About the PR Network

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