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Integration: working together to transform supporter experience


22 May 2019

Buzz topics come and go. But some themes linger without resolution. Integration is one such perennial issue for charities.

When charities are organised, and objectives set in vertical silos, instead of horizontal streams, it’s not hard to see why integration remains difficult to achieve. Meanwhile, people increasingly want meaningful interactions with organisations – it’s no longer enough to develop communications around internal labels such as donor or beneficiary.

In this seminar, we explored the different elements that both encourage and prevent integrated ways of working and thinking. We also received advice on how we can work together to provide better audience experiences.



Panel discussion: Integration – what is it and (why) do we need it? – Hilary Cross, marketing and strategy consultant, David Pearce, director of fundraising and marketing, Dignity in Dying, Paul Vanags, director of fundraising, War Child UK and Sarah Tite, director fundraising and communications, MHF 

Integrating cultures and teams: developing a clear marketing and comms vision that inspires collaborative working – Hilary Cross, marketing and strategy consultant

How welcome projects can break down silos and enrich user experience – Claire Donner, strategy consultant and director, more onion

Integrated campaigns at the BHF: connecting social, digital, content and PR – Andrew Webster, head of media, British Heart Foundation