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Leadership Readiness: new skills for a modern world

Modern leadership for communicators

25 November 2019 09.30 - 17.00

A training day for heads of department/assistant directors (or equivalent)

Cost: £295+vat including lunch (exclusive to CharityComms charity members)

Roots and Shoots
Walnut Tree Walk
SE11 6DN

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This event is now fully booked. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email contact our events team.

The leadership approaches of the past won’t be fit for the future. Digital transformation, innovation, new working environments and many other transformative changes are demanding a new kind of modern leader with the skills and mindset to navigate the fast-paced and uncertain landscape that we now operate in.

Join us for a unique one-day leadership course that will reveal and then equip you in the new leadership competencies that modern leaders need in order to drive growth and impact within their organisation.

Many traditional leadership competencies, such as decision making and stakeholder management are still as vital as ever, but the new world is demanding a new set of skills. CharityComms, in partnership with Hack Yourself (the modern leadership company) is leading the way to arm our sector’s leaders to be ready to lead the present and the future.

We’ll reveal the top modern leadership competencies that are the most challenging and topical that our sector faces. The day has been curated by pooling opinions from modern thinkers and authors, reputable research from organisations such as Google and Deloitte plus Hack Yourself’s primary research with over 500 emerging and senior leaders. Themes covered include:

  • Balance – managing staff wellbeing/happiness while also delivering high performance and results
  • Challenger mentality building a team of rebels and leading through mediocrity and traditions
  • Flexibility  getting the best from your team, no matter when, where or how they choose to work

This course is the follow up to our hugely successful Hack Yourself modern leadership courses, which received some of our best ever feedback. Please note: this course is perfect whether or not you’ve attended our previous Hack Yourself or Learn To Lead courses. If you’d like to attend one of these courses, Hack Yourself (for senior level comms professionals) is running on 16 September and Learn to lead (for junior level comms professionals) is running on 20 September.

The day is delivered by the author and founder of Hack Yourself, Jack Lowman alongside experienced coach and commercial director, Mark Harris.

Get ready to lead the present and the possible.

Who is the training suitable for?

It is perfect for senior-level communications professionals looking to step into leadership or enhance their leadership impact.

The day is exclusively for CharityComms members who are managers, heads of department/assistant directors (or equivalent) at a charity or not-for-profit.

What will delegates learn?

The collaborative day will ensure you work towards:

  • understanding the new leadership behaviours, attitudes and competencies
  • building plans to implement new ways of working
  • having a better understanding of your leadership style and approach
  • having clear ways to empower and lead your teams through modern challenges
  • becoming a cross-functional leader, rather than just an expert in your specialism
  • having the confidence and desire to create the change needed to push yourself and your organisation forward

Outline for the day:

Running over one full day, the course reveals the findings of over a year’s worth of research into the modern leadership challenges and competencies and takes delegates through upskilling workshops to master the understanding and new approaches to the themes.

The day is split into three areas:

  1. Self readiness
    • We’ll reveal the modern competencies related to leading yourself
    • We’ll ensure you have the clarity, tools and mindset to lead in a modern world
    • You’ll be guided through tasks by a professional business coach, giving you access to expert advice
  2. Knowledge readiness
    • We’ll reveal the modern competencies related to the new knowledge you need to drive performance and growth
    • Workshops to gain clarity on the current state of your leadership impact
  3. Team readiness
    • We’ll reveal the modern competencies related to leading healthy, happy, high performing teams
    • Make plans to prepare your team to feel safe and ready to lead the challenges ahead

About the trainers

Jack Lowman, founder and author of Hack Yourself

Jack is deputy director of marketing for the UK’s leading youth charity, The Prince’s Trust, and founder and author of the training company and book, Hack Yourself.

At The Prince’s Trust, Jack leads the marketing and digital department whose responsibilities are UK-wide and include brand management, advertising and digital communications. He is also a trustee for The Graeme Robertson Trust that helps young people into creative industries, and mentors for Google and the DMA.

Jack’s company, Hack Yourself, relentlessly pursues what’s changing and evolving in leadership and create modern leadership programmes for individuals and teams.

Mark Harris, director, The Marketing Centre

Mark has over twenty years’ experience as a commercial product and marketing director working with start-ups to reputable brands such as O2 and EDF Energy.

After experiencing the entrepreneurial energy of start-ups, he decided to establish his own coaching business where he could share his extensive skills with business owners and teams.

Mark’s coaching is based on what he actively practices for UK and International clients as a part-time marketing director at The Marketing Centre.

Mark works with business owners, leaders and teams to help them to reach their potential.