Live broadcast: seminar events

If you’re a CharityComms member you can join our seminars virtually via our private Periscope broadcast. Perfect for members based outside of London or for those who can’t get away from the office. 

Our afternoon seminars feature expert speakers delivering short presentations packed with insights, information, ideas and practical suggestions. 

Here’s some information about the live broadcast: 

  • How do I sign up to join the live broadcast? 
    The seminars are listed below. Please click on the seminar you’d like to join virtually. It’ll take you through to the main event page. Scroll down to ‘Live broadcast via Periscope’ where there’s a link to sign up to the broadcast. Once you’ve booked your place you’ll receive a booking confirmation email with further information about the live broadcast and what you need to do.* 
  • Can I book at any time? 
    Booking will close two days before each event so please make sure you’ve booked your place and sent us your Periscope name before then. We won’t be able to take bookings or accept Periscope names after that time sorry. 
  • What device can I watch it on? 
    You can now watch the live broadcast on your laptop as well as on an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet. 
  • Where can I watch the live broadcast? 
    We stream our seminars through Periscope. If watching on your laptop, the live broadcast will be shown on the Periscope TV CharityComms page. If watching on your Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet, you’ll need to download the Periscope app via the AppStore or Google play. We’ll need to have a mutual following first before you can see the broadcast. 

Please note: in order for us to invite you to watch the live broadcast on the day, we need: 

  • your Periscope nameat least two days before the event 
  • you to follow us @CharityComms 

* If you haven’t received a booking confirmation email after booking your place at any of the below seminars, then it’s likely that we don’t have a record of your booking and won’t know that you wish to join the private broadcast. If that’s the case, please drop Sarah an email at least two days before the event to confirm your booking. 

Upcoming broadcasts


Unlocking the potential of your data

14.00 – 17.00   Thursday 30 January 2020

Brand 360: developing your brand strategy

14.00 – 17.00   Wednesday 20 May 2020

How social change is happening today: key trends shaping UK campaigning

14.00 – 17.00   Wednesday 7 October 2020

Hot Potatoes – have your say!

14.00 – 17.00   Wednesday 2 December 2020