Measuring Impact, Communicating Results

28 April 2010
09:30 - 16:30

Please find speakers' presentations below.


The inside story on communicating results to funders

Content: This plenary session gave an insider’s perspective on the use of results information in grant applications.

Speaker: Clare Thomas, Chief Grants Officer, City Bridge Trust

Download the presentation here: Communicating results to funders

Further reading: The City Bridge Trust

Is your campaign making a difference?

Content: Delegates learnt how to create evaluation frameworks for their campaigns.

Speaker: Susie Rabin, Campaigning Effectiveness Manager, NCVO

Download the presentation here: Is your campaign making a difference?

Further reading: NCVO: strategy and impact

Bring dry and dusty information to life

Content: Advice from the experts on bringing results information to life.

Speakers: Robert Longley Cooke, Executive Director of Marketing, WRVS. Gideon Burrows, Editor,

Further reading:'s Good Writing for Charities bulletin

How was it for you?

Content: NPC gave practical tips and examples from their latest guide to analysing charities, which aims to help the third sector collect evidence on the results it achieves.

Speaker: Lucy Heady, Head of Measurement, NPC

Download the presentation here: How was it for you?

Further reading: NPC's the little blue book

Integrating impact reporting

Content: Practical advice on integrating impact reporting into your organisation.

Speaker: Brian Lamb, former Executive Director of Advocacy and Policy, RNID

Download the presentation here: Integrating impact reporting

Further reading: RNID's The Value of Impact Reporting

Measuring to improve your communications

Content: A case study from the National Trust demonstrating how they used measurement to improve their campaigns.

Speakers: Laura Palmer, Social Marketing Campaigns Manager, National Trust.
Rebecca Speight, Regional Director for the East Midlands, National Trust. Francis Mullins, Forster

Download the presentation here: Measuring to improve communications

Ten ways to communicate your impact

Content: a practical tongue-wagging attempt to get participants to think about how they can communicate their impact.

Speaker: Joe Saxton, Driver of Ideas, nfpSynergy

Further reading: nfpSynergy's Getting the message across: practical strategies to help charities change the way stakeholders see them

Attaching financial value to social benefits

Content: This session was designed to give delegates the basics in measuring impacts using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) model.

Speaker: Jeremy Nicholls, Chief Executive, SROI Network

Download the presentation here: Attaching financial value to social benefits

Further reading: The SROI Guide 2009

This event was sponsored by Forster – leaders in ethical marketing, social PR and design.