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My biggest comms inspiration


29 September 2016

What or who has inspired you in your career? Perhaps a particular book has changed the way you think about something? Or a certain person has shaped the way you work? Or maybe a particular brand or campaign has inspired you to try something new in your own work?

In this afternoon of fascinating, quick-fire presentations our speakers shared the big ideas that have had an enduring impact on them in their charity communications careers. 


Penelope Gibbs, director, Transform Justice 

Emily Rosselli, head of media and PR, Terence Higgins Trust   

Esther Kwaku, communications and marketing director, Resource Alliance

Myra Johnson, director of communications, Together for Short Lives

Charlie Peverett, head of digital strategy, Neo

Jenny Steele, brand and content manager, Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB)

Kate Eden, freelance consultant

Shaf Mansour, digital strategist, Raising IT

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