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My biggest comms mistake: why failure is the key to success


24 September 2015

Usually CharityComms events share examples of success, but we all know that just as much (if not more) can be learnt from when things go wrong.

Our speakers spoke candidly about the projects that didn’t go according to plan, sharing the lessons they learnt, what insight they gleaned and how they used failure to leap forward.


Why failure is important
Lucy Gower, trainer, coach and consultant

Raising the wrong sort of awareness
Chris James, MND Association

The perils of being unprepared for difficult questions
Peter Gilheany, Forster Communications

Life after a front page furore
Steven Dodds, Harvest

Greenvoice – a closed book
Giles Robertson, director, Green Banana Marketing

After the seminar we held our AGM 2014-15. See below for the presentation by Vicky Browning, director, CharityComms

Tweets from the afternoon