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Developing partnerships: from corporate sponsors and celebrities to collaborating with other charities

North West networking group

20 September 2017

Partnerships can be invaluable to charities: from fundraising support from corporate organisations and celebrity endorsement to teaming up with like-minded charities to champion your cause.

But what are potential partners looking for and how do you broker the right relationship whilst protecting your brand’s reputation? Then how do you present and engage your audience with the partnership so that it is clear enough and believable enough to inspire their involvement?

At this event, we heard from Cancer Research UK, Trinity Hospice and Bolton Hospice on how they’re effectively sourcing, recruiting and maintaining partnerships while protecting their brand and engaging their audiences.


Charity partnership working – communications dream or nightmare?
Alice Atkinson, director of income generation and communications, Bolton Hospice

Working with celebrities – from short-term to long-term
Shirley Morgan, press and communications manager, Trinity Hospice

Corporate partnerships – from one-off event sponsors to long-term partnerships
Katie Hesketh, local fundraising manager, Cancer Research UK

About the North West Networking Group

The North West Networking Group is a network of comms professionals working in UK charities and not-for-profit organisations in the North West of England.

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