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Offering exclusives to journalists

PR Network

29 March 2018

The decision to offer an exclusive to a journalist can be a tricky one to make especially when there isn’t a huge amount of clarity over what works and what doesn’t work with this approach.

At this PR Network event, we discussed the pros and cons of offering exclusives to journalists, kicking off with presentations from Back Up and The Children’s Society sharing their successes and failures of offering exclusives, before breaking into groups to discuss our own.


Live recordings

If you’re a CharityComms member, you can watch the presentations from the event on our Vimeo channel. You’ll find the links to each recording below with the presentations – drop Sarah Cutress an email to get the password to access them.



Mark Reed, communications manager, Back Up

Watch the live recording of Mark’s presentation via our Vimeo channel (exclusive to CharityComms members)

Faith Dawes, senior media officer, The Children’s Society

Watch the live recording of Faith’s presentation via our Vimeo channel (exclusive to CharityComms members)

About the PR Network

CharityComms’ PR Network is a group for professionals working in PR and media in UK charities and not-for-profits.

The PR Network gives you the chance to meet your peers, compare notes on workplace practices and share successes, ideas, challenges and inspiration. The network is designed to encourage networking and peer to peer support, sharing issues in a ‘safe’ environment.

The group meets three times a year to focus on a common challenge. The format of the meetings is one or two presentations on a specific topic, followed by small group discussions, providing a combination of best practice and peer-to-peer sharing.

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