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PR in the digital age


26 February 2014

Traditional PR relied on the ability to control your message and information through carefully managed relationships with influencers in the mainstream media. But today millions of people are using social media to interact, express views and make informed decisions. And increasingly journalists are relying on social tools to find and research stories.


Read some of the best Tweets of the day and listen to some of the speakers.

Media in the digital age
Adam Stones, project director, Forster Communications

Creating your own media moment: #iceclimb
Nic Seton, community strategist, Greenpeace UK

Tweeting from the top
Deborah Alsina, CEO, Bowel Cancer UK

Dealing with a crisis
Tamara Bennett, senior media manager, and Kate Brennan, senior digital engagement executive, British Heart Foundation

WonkComms – when passion meets ration(al)
Richard Darlington, head of news, IPPR and Leonora Merry, media and external affairs manager, Nuffield Trust, co-founders of the WonkComms network

Bloggers = journos?
Esther Freeman, digital communications consultant

An online digital media centre
Susanna Flood, director of media, Amnesty International

An integrated PR launch
Kim Sanders, PR manager, Girlguiding UK

A 21st century media plan
Ann Wright, director, Rough House Media

A blog or a bucket?
Charlie Peverett, head of digital strategy, Neo

'Make it viral'
Pete Gomori, head of brand, and Tom Allwood, head of digital, Futureproof PR
An amplifier, not a mouthpiece
Chris Cox, digital communications manager, Mind

Links from the day

Ethics of photography

Digital storytelling

The Story Wars by Jonah Sachs

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa