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Demonstrating the value of communications

Midlands networking group

6 October 2016

Fundraisers can demonstrate their worth through income, service providers can report on the need and delivery of their work, so how can communicators show the impact and value of comms?

At this event we discussed how we can best measure and evaluate our communications activities to make the case for why comms deserves strategic focus and investment.

Presentation: Google Analytics ‘Goals’ by Chris Arnold, digital marketing officer, CABA

Reporting online engagement – such as reading articles and using self-help online tools – can be a challenge. It’s often the case that the focus falls on quantitative metrics that have little impact on plans for future activity and do not give an accurate reflection of how well the campaign performed, such as link clicks or email opens. Chris showed the group how Google Analytics ‘Goals’ can be used to give a numerical value to campaigns that measure the quality of online activity, not just quantity.

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