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Seminar: The role of comms in building an anti-racist brand

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This event took place on 17 June 2021 and all registered delegates were sent direct access details for the recordings. Please only book your place here if you missed the event the first time round. 

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“Structural racism is encrypted in the very fabric of our society, our history, our institutions and our policies.” – Runnymede Trust, 2019 (via

The existence of racism in our sector is not news. In 2020, “Black Lives Matter” was a rallying cry for many, but what’s happened since then?  Surely comms has a far bigger role to play than crafting carefully worded statements, or increasing the diverse imagery on charity websites? 

Brand is the essence of what your organisation stands for, its values and its purpose in the world. If brand is the blueprint for an organisation’s identity, then it is the perfect place to start when tackling racism. By building anti-racism into who you are and what you stand for, it becomes part of the fabric of how you do things.

Communications is the golden thread that holds multiple strategies together, it influences culture, strategy, and planning. And communicators are often the owners of the organisation’s internal and external channels, which provides a powerful position to influence and affect change within our own organisations and wider society.

Building on our previous event How to be an anti-racist brand, Collette Philip, founder of Brand by Me, will explore how, as communicators, we can lead the charge to drive change – within our organisations, within the wider sector and for society as a whole. You’ll leave with some practical ideas and next steps and a clear call to action to put anti-racism at the heart of your charity. 

On the agenda:

  • What does it mean to be an anti-racist brand in 2021 and beyond?
  • How can we move our organisations from empty talk to practical action?
  • How do we respond when things don’t go as planned?
  • How can we, as communicators, drive meaningful change?
Welcome and housekeeping

Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

Moving the needle - tackling racism in the charity sector

We’ll start the session by setting the context of what it takes to tackle racism in our sector from people who have made this their core purpose.  This is not just about setting the scene, it’s a call to action – what is the role of comms in driving sector-level change?

Jonathan Cornejo 
organiser , Charity So White

Perfectly positioned to lead the charge

In her talk, Collette invites communicators to lead the charge against racism in our sector. She will explore why comms teams are perfectly placed to be the catalyst for change and offer her tips for creating your anti-racist action plans. You will leave this talk feeling challenged and inspired with practical ideas that can be implemented straight away. 

Collette Philip 
founder, Brand by Me

Tea Break
Panel discussion: what we've learnt on the journey

In this candid discussion, we’ll hear from charities that have reflected and started to make change happen. We’ll explore the difficulties they’ve come up against and hear about their wins, practical lessons learnt and hopes for the future including how they are planning to continue driving progress.  


Collette Philip 
founder, Brand by Me

Natalie Lartey
advocacy and engagement manager, IIED

Melissa Paramasivan
communications manager, The Wellcome Trust

Sarah Vibert 
Interim chief executive, NCVO

Q&As with our panel

We’ll use this dedicated time for Q&As with our panel. 


Adeela Warley 
CEO, CharityComms

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About Collette Philip, Managing Director and Founder, Brand by Me

Collette Philip runs award-winning brand and strategy consultancy, Brand By Me, helping organisations tackle inequity and drive social justice through brand strategy. She has worked with, on and for a breadth of amazing brands for over 20 years – from household names to amazing charities.

It was her love of brand and strategy and her passion for social justice that led her to set up Brand by Me in 2016. With clients like Wellcome Trust, Womankind, Plan International UK and RAF Benevolent Fund, Brand by Me work across a breadth of great causes to kickstart change and increase impact. Right now, Brand by Me is helping charities, corporates and changemakers build anti-racism into their brands and tackle systemic racism head on. To find out more visit