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Unlocking the potential of your data


30 January 2020

Less than half of all non-profits make full use of the data they collect according to a recent Salesforce Report. Without good data analytics decisions are taken blindly and resources are allocated without truly understanding where they’re needed. Good data analytics should help support and drive decision making – helping us to improve our communications and the experiences we offer to our audiences, service users and community.  

At this seminar, we explored how we can develop a healthy data culture, including the best ways to collect, analyse and share truly useful insights with your team and wider organisation. Topics we covered included:

  • Data analytics – who owns it? Can it be centralised, shared and applied to business development?
  • Data in context: what should we be measuring and why?
  • Data-driven decision-making: how to ask the right questions and find actionable insights
  • Reporting: how to share data in appealing and meaningful ways
  • Tips for building a healthy data-culture
  • Examples of the best data-led campaigns and how they worked
  • Data analysis for charities with minimal resources


Why is data so important? – Stacey Kelly-Maher, digital projects officer, CharityComms

Optimising results using metrics – Martin Campbell, director of innovation and strategy, World Vision

  • You can see notes from Martin’s presentation here.

Make best use of data in low-resource settings – Giselle Cory, executive director, DataKind UK

Building a healthy data culture – Mark Sheehan, data and insight manager, Street League

How sharing and using open data can help us solve problems – David Kane, data scientist, 360Giving

  • You can see notes from David’s presentation here.


Article: Data and analytics: they’re not just buzzwords – Stacey Kelly-Maher, digital projects officer, CharityComms

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