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Small charities communications conference


12 July 2017

Smaller charities face different communications challenges: how do you make the most of minimum resources?

How can you keep up with developments and trends across different communications disciplines when you cover them all? Who do you turn to for input and feedback when you’re the only comms specialist in your organisation? And how do you make time for strategy when you may be the only one around to deal with the day-to-day?

Our small charities communications conference gave delegates the chance to develop strategic and practical skills, access to top-class, tailored advice, and the opportunity to connect and exchange with peers facing the same challenges.


How a tiny organisation got retailers to listen and #switchthestick
Natalie Fee, founder, City to Sea

Rebrand – why, how and what difference has it made?
Carla Montemayor, communications officer, Migrants Organise

Investing in video to reach a wider audience
Ali Torabi, chair, RightsInfo

Developing media relationships: sustainable conservation
Rachel Agnew, head of media and communications, Rainforest Foundation

Small organisation, big voice
Ben Margetts, development manager, Team Kenya

Brand – a superpower for small organisations
Collette Philip, owner and strategist, Brand by Me

Making the most of the media
Sophie Lilley, editor and Rachel Veevers, lead publisher, Bottle PR

Social on a shoestring
Sushi Juggapah, digital content editor, CharityComms

Make the most of your website
Rebecca Rae-Evans, head of strategy and insight, Reason Digital

Get to grips with strategy
Simon Williams, communications consultant and trainer, Communicating Causes

Buy the ebook of Make it matter: creating communications strategies in the non-profit sector

Free tools for sourcing and generating great content
Peter Jacobs, head of digital engagement, Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Easy ways to improve your email marketing
Fran Swaine, digital marketing consultant

Tiny films: big impact
Sorrel Parsons, digital advisor and Kate White, manager, Superhighways

10 Steps to Digital Fundraising Nirvana
Joe Coney, director, Forward Action

Tell an ear-catching story
Rachel Collinson, the donor whisperer

Content strategy in action
Jon Ware, digital content lead, Anthony Nolan