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Social Media Network – Flexing positively while the world is in flux

Social Media Network
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This on demand event is free and exclusive to CharityComms members.

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Flexing positively while the world is in flux

Our world has been in flux since the pandemic began, and social media teams have been flexing all the while with it. But it’s not all doom and gloom as social media teams have found positive new ways of flexing their work. In this session, we’ll hear how teams are now planning for the short-term, long term (what does long-term even mean now?) and making space for things that pop up out of nowhere.

We’ll also hear how social media teams are keeping the creative brainstorming process going while working remotely, and we’ll do a bit of brainstorming together.

Welcome & Housekeeping

Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

The best laid plans of mice and comms teams

As a relatively small charity, social media is an important way for the British Tinnitus Association to reach their potential audience of 7 million UK adults living with tinnitus.

Using free (or very low cost) tools, they are able to plan their social media output, enabling them to have greater impact and consistency with less effort and stress.

With input coming from across the organisation, their simple planning strategy helps them maintain an engaging stream of content, resulting in double-digit year-on-year growth across all media streams.

Nic Wray
communications manager, British Tinnitus Association

Making the most of charity’s social media accounts

Social Misfits Media have extensive experience in running social media accounts for non-profits. In this session, James will share insights on how to get the most from fundraising via your charity social media accounts. James will also share his top tips for creating a social media strategy that fits within your budget.

James Mercer
director, Social Misfits Media

Brainstorming Breakouts
Interview: Laura Ashton Booth & Alison Day, Family Fund

Our head of events sits down with Laura and Alison from Family Fund to talk about how their team has flexed positively while in flux, what short and long-term planning looks like for them, and how they’re brainstorming remotely. 

Laura Ashton-Booth
digital marketing & engagement officer, Family Fund

Alison Day
communications & marketing manager, Family Fund 

Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

5 lightning-quick social media tips

As the digital content officer at CharityComms, Adel is responsible for running the CharityComms social media accounts. Adel will share 5 lightning-quick social media tips that have helped CharityComms flex positively on social media while the world is in flux.

Adel Hanily
digital content officer, CharityComms


Vanessa Weddell 
head of events, CharityComms

About the Social Media Network

This networking group looks to address a gap for strategic and professional development of social media leads working in charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Each meeting will offer a safe space for members to chat about working in charity social media, with the focus of discussions on strategy-led topics. This is a space to learn together and share best practice, challenges, successes and inspiration with your peers.

Attending the Social Media Network events is free and exclusive to CharityComms organisational and individual members (charities only).

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