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Strategic Digital Communications


12 July 2012

The constantly shifting digital landscape presents a wealth of opportunities for charities to connect and engage with supporters and service users. However, the choice of channels, communities and digital tools can be overwhelming. This seminar explored how we can be strategic and integrated in our approach to digital communications to get results and save time and resources.

This event was sponsored by Cogapp. Cogapp serves clients in the museums, culture, media, sports, charity, government and commercial sectors, building websites, interactive installations and next-generation mobile applications.



Tweets and photos from the day here

Responding to the digital shift
Katie Smith, head of third sector, Cogapp

Digital at UNICEF UK
Laila Takeh, head of digital engagement and Sarah Epstein, head of communications

Digital at Gingerbread
Lucy Devine, former head of communications and marketing, Gingerbread