Twitter for charities, digital resources and Charity Commission

10 March 2010
14.30 - 16:30

Speakers and Resources:

Sarah Miller, Head of News, Charity Commission

Sarah talked about new Charity Commission guidance for charities during election time including what charity communicators and campaigners need to know in order to protect their charity's independence.

Download Charity Commission's presentation

Rachel Beer, Founding Partner, beautiful world

Twitter is big news in the third sector and has now been adopted by a wide range of charities. Rachel talked about how charities can make the most of Twitter with the resources they have. Delegates also got a range of tips on best practice which can all be found in her presentation below.

Download Beautiful World's presentation

Jim Raymond, Operations Director, Baigent Digital

Jim talked about the different approaches charities can take to resourcing their websites and digital communications. In particular he focussed on the kinds of skills, people and team structures you need to achieve your organisation's objectives.

Download Baigent Digital's presentation