Video for charities

25 April 2019
09.30 - 17.15
CharityComms organisational and individual members: £180+vat
Corporate Partners: £225+vat
Small charity (income up to £1m) and freelancers: £200+vat
Medium charity (income £1-5m): £250+vat
Large charity (income £5m - 10m): £285+vat
Super large charity (income £10m+): £315+vat
Corporate/Public sector: £400+vat

This venue is wheelchair accessible.

etc. venues Prospero House
241 Borough High Street

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By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Video is also taking over social media generating 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. When it comes to engaging your audiences – the numbers show that video reigns supreme.

Responding to these trends, charities are increasingly keen to invest in video and a recent charity video benchmarking survey saw 74% of respondents claiming to see return on investment when choosing video content.

Join us at this conference, to explore all things charity video – from setting up in-house production to commissioning and working with agencies. We’ll explore how charities with a range of budgets can produce bold and creative films. 

Refreshments and snacks will be provided during the breaks and there’ll be a two-course networking lunch.

Who is this for?

This event will suit any charity comms professionals looking to gain theory, skills and insights into charity video production and distribution and those who want to hone their skills in communicating through video. It will be streamed to suit a range of abilities and budgets so that you can tailor your day to suit your skillset and resources. Relevant job titles might include social media managers, comms, content and marketing officers, content producers, and digital officers and managers.

On the agenda

09.30 - 10.00
Registration, advice surgeries and a light breakfast
10.00 - 10.05

Illuminate Suite

Adeela Warley
CEO, CharityComms

10.05 - 10.40
Lights, camera, potential disaster - lessons from 15 years of video production

Illuminate Suite

This opening session provides insight and key learnings through an exploration of the mishaps, mistakes and mayhem that video can result in. This session will look at all stages of film making from pre-production and planning to interview technique, post-production and reaching an audience. By exploring some of the more challenging and embarrassing moments, the audience will be left with top tips and guidance for future success, for both in-house video production and working with agencies.

Chris Dessent
managing director, Creative Concern

10.40 - 11.10
Trends and opportunities for charity video in 2019

Illuminate Suite

Video as a marketing tool is constantly evolving, offering new opportunities and challenges for charities looking to harness its power. In this presentation, Ryan will highlight some of the key findings from Raw London’s latest Video Benchmark Report and discuss some of the key trends set to affect the sector in 2019. With an overview of ROI and planning and creative, you’ll walk away with a big picture view of how charities are using video – and advice on how to ensure you’re not left behind.

Ryan Wilkins
CEO, Raw London

Fiona Koch
account planner and director, Raw London

11.10 - 11.20
Peer discussions

Illuminate Suite

11.20 - 11.50
Mid-morning break. advice surgeries and sector networking

Smile lounge

Time to chill and grab a cuppa. You’ll also have the chance to:

  • network with your peers in our sector networking area (next to CharityComms’ reception) for charities working in:
    • Health and mental health
    • Disability
    • Hospices
  • visit a sector expert in our pre-bookable advice surgeries (at the exhibitor stands in the refreshment area)
11.50 - 12.50
Breakout session one
Strategy and planning
1a. Making film count: creating insight-driven content

Illuminate Suite

How can film help your charity achieve its goals? In this session, we’ll hear from Steve Melia, who heads up WaterAid’s film unit. He’ll offer insights into how WaterAid goes about creating content for specific organisational objectives and how audience-driven films have helped increase engagement. The breakout session will be a chance to talk through the ways that your charity could use audience insight to approach filmmaking.

Steve Melia
film manager, WaterAid

Suitable for: anyone interested in developing their content strategy for video. Suitable for all sizes of charity

1b. Making your video production “Smart”

Smile 1

Do you wish you used more video to promote your campaigns – but don’t have the budget or the equipment? If so, the answer for you could be smartphone video. In this session, Chana from the Churches Conservation Trust will explain why they decided to start using their phones to make videos, and how they have used it in some of their campaigns. You’ll also hear from Ann who will offer some of the tricks and techniques plus some vital dos and don’ts to give your smart videos a little production polish.

Ann Wright
director, Rough House Media

Chana James
communications manager, The Churches Conservation Trust

Suitable for: any organisation looking to produce video in-house on a limited budget

Innovation and best practice
1c. Making animations that capture the imagination

Smile 2

Why do some animations move us, while others fall flat? In this session, you’ll be taken through everything you need to know about animation. From how to decide whether film or animation is right for your brief to deciding what story to tell. We’ll also explore some important pre-production questions including how to: develop emotive narratives, scripts and imaginative storyboards and how to pick the right music and voice for your organisation.

Tom Tapper
co-founder and creative director, Nice and Serious

Suitable for: a range of organisations - from those thinking of commissioning a freelancer to those with bigger budgets thinking of using an agency. Best suited to those who have already tried animation, but are interested in how to make their next animation more imaginative

Marketing and building audiences
1d. How episodic content can take engagement to the next level

Smile 4

In the age of Netflix and binge-consuming content, video series and episodic content have never been so popular. So, what can charities learn from this trend, and how can they move from creating one-off videos to video series that will reach and inspire new audiences, whilst building loyalty with existing supporters and members? Using charity case studies, we will discuss how to find the right subject matter for your video series and brand; how to grow and engage an audience; and how to distribute and promote your series across digital channels.

Dan Linstead
editorial director, branded content, Immediate Media

Hannah Brinkman
head of video, Immediate Media

Suitable for: anyone briefing, creating or planning video content. Accessible for all, but particularly relevant for people with medium sized budgets

12.50 - 13.50
Lunch, advice surgeries, film room and sector networking

Smile lounge

Enjoy a delicious two-course networking lunch with meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Any other dietary requirements? No problem – just let us know and we’ll have this covered for you.

Aside from eating, you’ll also have the chance to:

  • sit back and escape into the darkness of our film room where we’ll be showing a collection of creative storytelling techniques in action – Smile 1, 13.20 – 13.40
  • network with your peers in our sector networking area (next to CharityComms’ reception) from 13.20 – 13.50 for charities working in:
    • International development
    • Children / Young people
    • Older people
  • visit a sector expert in our pre-bookable advice surgeries (at the exhibitor stands in the refreshment area)
13.50 - 14.40
Breakout session two
Strategy and planning
2a. Creating cause-led video to show impact and deepen brand understanding

Illuminate Suite

In this session, we’ll explore the strategy and thinking behind the National Trust’s award-winning brand video campaign: Places That Make Us. In an effort to shift brand perceptions away from the National Trust simply being about nice days out, the videos focus on the impact that places have on people’s lives. We’ll also hear how the creative team got internal buy-in for the budget, how they chose and collaborated with the right agency plus some things they’ve learnt along the way about planning and production.

Matt Haigh
head of creative, The National Trust

Suitable for: people considering using video to deepen brand understanding. Suitable for all budgets

2b. Setting up your in-house team

Smile 1

The Salvation Army produced its first film in 1897 and set up its video production unit in 1986 – making it an early investor in video. In this session, Bridget shares some useful insights with anyone considering setting up an in-house team. She will explore many of the things you will need to consider from processes, structures, equipment and budgets, to recruiting and retaining talent. She’ll also offer advice for prioritisation and pushing back when everyone in your organisation wants a film. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your own work with peers.

Bridget O’Leary
video production unit manager, The Salvation Army

Suitable for: charities with medium to high budgets that are considering setting up an in-house production team, or people who are curious about how other units work

Innovation and best practice
2c. Bringing GOSH to life with VR

Smile 2

In February this year, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Children’s Charity) launched an immersive, virtual reality film to bring the hospital to life for viewers from all over the UK. There are two versions of the film – one for families coming to GOSH for the first time, and the other for existing and potential donors so they can see the difference donations make. In this session, we’ll get the inside story on what was involved in making the film, from the project’s origins and getting internal buy-in, to the production process and results. Mark will offer this advice for any charity considering doing the same.

Mark McKenzie-Ray
digital content manager, GOSH Children's Charity

Suitable for: all budgets and for anyone keen to explore VR

Marketing and building audiences
2d. The power of co-creation

Smile 4

Much like WWF bringing new levels of understanding around climate change through a documentary series with Netflix, it sometimes takes an outsider to help you identify where the opportunity lies. This talk looks at the benefits of video co-creation and how to find the right creative or distribution partner to help your audience see your issue in a new light. 

Joe Wade
filmmaker, TV writer, producer and CEO, Don't Panic London

Suitable for: charities with larger budgets considering partnerships to reach new audiences and change attitudes

14.50 - 15.40
Breakout session three
Strategy and planning
3a. Making the most of social-friendly video

Illuminate Suite

What should you include in your social video planning this year? In this session, we’ll explore all-things social video, from how it is consumed across different platforms to what the different user expectations might be. Chris will also look at how we can use analytics to understand what works and create better stories. Plus, there will be opportunities to discuss some of the big social-video questions, from using paid vs organic to developing scripted creative vs authentic, mobile-made video. Join Chris to explore all-things social video.

Chris Hosker
social media manager, The Children's Society

Suitable for: all budgets and anyone interested in social video planning

3b. Practical tips for shooting your own films with camcorders

Smile 1

As technology has evolved, it’s now possible to buy cameras which can offer great quality footage without costing the earth. From exposure, composition and shooting styles to lighting and cutaways, award-winning producer, director and filmmaker, Lucia, will offer her advice for shooting film on your camcorder cameras.

Lucia Tambini
award-winning freelance filmmaker

Suitable for: charities looking to produce more films and make the most of their cameras

Innovation and best practice
3c. Managing your film internally: getting buy-in and managing relationships

Smile 2

As Sightsavers’ work rapidly shifted from the public conception of an organisation that protects and saves sight, the comms team recognised film as an effective way to best represent the charity’s full mission. But how to secure significant investment without clear financial return? In this session, Sarah will discuss how a small budget was secured to develop a brand film with an agency. She will talk through the planning and production process, giving best practice tips on; how to work cross-organisationally on film, managing competing priorities and passionate viewpoints, and on bringing elements in-house to make your budget go further.

Sarah Filbey
interim head of communications, policy and programme strategy, Sightsavers

Suitable for: smaller to medium sized budgets and people interested in how to get internal buy-in and advice for managing internal relationships through planning and production.

Marketing and building audiences
3d. How do you build and connect to an audience?

Smile 4

We’ve heard people say, “They should care about our message…we know it will resonate with them.” Well, what happens when you invest your good money into creative content but it doesn’t land how you want it to? You may be left frustrated or even blame the audience! Showing case studies from Tusko’s work, this presentation will show how the design of content and an understanding of how your audience interacts with it, is critical to creating standout work with viral potential.

Jake Smith
CEO, Tusko

Dan Grixti
COO, Tusko

Suitable for: all budgets. No previous knowledge needed. Audiences will leave knowing key platforms, audience habits and how to leverage gate keepers to maximize effectiveness

15.40 - 16.05
Afternoon break, advice surgeries and sector networking

Smile lounge

Time to chill and grab a cuppa. You’ll also have the chance to:

  • network with your peers in our sector networking area (next to CharityComms’ reception) for charities working in:
    • Health and mental health
    • Environment
    • Animals
  • visit a sector expert in our pre-bookable advice surgeries (at the exhibitor stands in the refreshment area)
16.05 - 16.45
Positive vs negative messages – the mechanics and morals of the stories you tell

Illuminate Suite

All organisations in the third sector face decisions over what types of stories to tell in their marketing, campaigns and communications. Do they go with the sad, urgent call to action or rely on a positive, inspirational approach? In this session, storytelling expert Stephen Follows will cover the science behind why certain happy stories inspire us (while others feel empty) and why some sad stories spur us to action (while others make us turn away). He will cover how to craft positive messaging in the saddest of topics, as well as building emotional and meaningful messages when all you’ve got to work with are contented happy people.

Stephen Follows
creative director, Catsnake

Nathalie Ormrod
social media strategist, Unicef UK

16.45 - 17.15
Panel session: ethical representation in video

Illuminate Suite

Charities can sometimes inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes about the people they portray in their communications. Even within the same organisation, there can be conflicting opinions about how best to create content that will both inspire external support and empower the people they seek to support. This panel will explore how depictions in film can shape public perceptions positively and negatively. We will also discuss how we can avoid some of the common pitfalls and challenge stereotypes in our communications. Panellists will discuss the issues from diverse perspectives, from using traditional filmmaking to adopting participatory approaches to involve beneficiaries in the video making process to represent them fairly.

Zimena Percival, art liaison and creative partnerships, Crisis

Adeela Warley
CEO, CharityComms

Benjamin Chesterton
director, duckrabbit

Nathalie Ormrod
social media strategist, Unicef UK

Soledad Muniz
head of innovation and development, InsightShare


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