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Workshop: Media messaging – Small member charities

Media workshop

17 March 2022 09:45 - 15.45

This workshop is exclusive to CharityComms small member charities: £15pp + VAT

Online via Zoom

This workshop is exclusive to CharityComms small member charities with an annual turnover of £2 million and below. 

This event is now FULLY booked. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email

About the Workshop

This hands-on communications workshop is packed with insights and insider tips on what news producers want from a story. Facilitated by experienced media trainers and journalists, we’ll explore effective media engagement through three different scenarios. We also introduce strategies for you, and the spokespeople you support, to be effective when undertaking broadcast interviews on behalf of your organisation. There’ll be plenty of time for attendees to share and reflect on their positive experiences and frustrations when it comes to media engagement, as well as pair and small group work, and a range of practical elements including full radio interview simulations for some attendees.

Who’s this event for?

  • Press/comms officers who may be required to brief senior staff members ahead of media engagement as well as potentially undergo interviews themselves
  • Senior staff members who may be required to undertake interviews on behalf of their organisation

Before you book, please note:

  • This workshop is for CharityComms small member charities with an annual turnover of £2 million and below. 
  • There are only 10 spaces available for this workshop at a discounted rate and only 1 person per small charity can come to this session using the special discount.

Outline for the day

Stage 1: Introductory full group workshop

  • Achieving impact by telling the right story about your organisation: a practical exercise on the most powerful order of telling
  • Effective communications – 5 key principles: pair work on getting your language right and group work on the power of the personal

Stage 2: Small group role play for all delegates

  • Roundtable radio programme: aim to put the earlier workshop input into practice
  • Plenary – what’s been learned? Action points for improved communication

Stage 3: Delivering key messages – preparing to convince your audience

Groups share their take on one of three topics:

  • Why charity CEOs earn their salaries
  • Why our charity is not wasting money on admin
  • The real world impact and positive difference that charities are making to their beneficiaries (based on the Charity Today report)

Stage 4: Full group workshop on taking control in interviews

  • Strategies for taking the initiative and handling challenging questions

Stage 5: Group splits

  • Group 1 prepare for recorded interviews with support from one trainer
  • Group 2 work with second trainer
    1. Exercise – the power of the specific: in small groups individuals work on illustrations to show the effectiveness of their organisations – which are then shared and discussed
    2. Plenary: What’s working? What can we learn?

Stage 6: Group splits.

  • Interviews (Group 1)
  • Key presentation skills principles (Group 2)

Stage 7: Full group – interview playback

  • Discussion
    1. What’s working?
    2. What can be improved?

Stage 8: Full group plenary

  • Action points – personal and organisational

About Inside Edge

Inside Edge is highly experienced in supporting the development of effective communication strategies for a range of organisations. Clients in the past 12 months include charities, FTSE 100 companies, campaigning organisations and research institutes in the UK, across Europe and in the Middle East. The two trainer model maximises expert input and the range of learning activities and simulations when managing relatively large groups.


  • Chris Jameson has extensive experience as a senior BBC network producer and reporter. For over a decade he worked at BBC Radio 5 Live on a range of programmes and as a reporter based in Japan. He has produced several major set-piece broadcasts for the network and his programmes have won several Radio Academy Sony Awards.
  • Tony Prideaux is an experienced journalist, teacher and communications specialist. As a reporter, he has worked extensively with the BBC and in commercial radio. Tony has undertaken training in colleges and universities and has held management positions within education and business.