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Festive campaigns to make you feel warm and fuzzy

13 December 2019

The festive season is fast approaching and if you are anything like me you are probably frantically all rushing to get everything wrapped up and finished before the end of the year.

Well why not take a little well-earned break and check out a mini roundup of some of this year’s eyecatching festive campaigns to help you get through the day. Here’s hoping they cheer your spirits and give you some warm and fuzzy feelings ready for the holidays….

Action for Children’s Secret Santa pop-up shop

A short but sweet real-life appearance of the charity’s secret santa shop, just thinking about this pop up in Covent Garden makes us feel festive. Described as ‘part winter wonderland, part immersive experience’ the store allows shoppers to make donations in the form of buying things like warm clothes, a hot meal or a safe place to sleep and in so doing become a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child.

BHF’s advent calendar of thanks

What a wonderful way to celebrate the run up to the festive season…This year the British Heart Foundation have been running an online advent calendar on their Twitter page where each day a door is opened to reveal someone they want to say thanks to. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of thank you’s to volunteers, supporters et al and it’s been ace.

Clic Sargent’s ‘When cancer cancels Christmas’ video

In a departure from the usual festive ads Clic Sargent has delivered a hard-hitting and poignant video that throws a spotlight on the reality of what it means to have a child with cancer at Christmas. ‘When cancer cancels Christmas – Gabby’s story’ is the heartfelt story of one family who just wanted to spend Christmas together and were able to thanks to the charity. You might want to have tissues at the ready for this one.

Dog’s Trust’s ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ video

When an advert comes along that fills you with joy, then utter sadness, then relief all in the space of just a minute you know it’s also going to stay with you for a long time to come. Drawing on the slogan ‘ a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ which they came up with over 40 years ago this year’s Dogs Trust offering is going to make you feel all the emotions at once.

WWF’s ‘Adopt a better future’ video

A great example of how animation can really have an impact. The adopt a better future video from WWF is a thing of creative beauty and delivers quite a punch as we see animated youngsters joining together to save the world for future generations before the charity makes its ask for viewers to adopt a jaguar. Clever, empowering and oh so topical this is an amazing bit of campaigning.

Christine Fleming

Head of digital content, CharityComms

Christine is the head of digital content at CharityComms in charge of the commissioning and editing of all content on the site as well as leading on the project management of the new look best practice guides. A former journalist with a background in online news, she has a masters in Global Media and Transnational Communications and is passionate about comms and helping charity communications thrive.