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How to pitch to bloggers

20 May 2011

Bright One's Ben Matthews offers his top tips on getting your story onto a blog 

Here are a number of things to consider when pitching to bloggers by email, most of which are common sense but all worth bearing in mind.

  • Comment on their blog

Bloggers will be more receptive to your pitch if you are a regular commenter on their blog posts. But don’t just leave standard “Great post!” comments – add value to the discussion and show your interest in the subject. This means your approach won’t be so much of a "cold" pitch.

  • Personalise your pitch

Don’t use a generic email when approaching bloggers. Reference their name (and spell it correctly!), mention their blog by name, and show that you’ve read their blog by referencing recent posts that you liked or are relevant to the story you are contacting them about.

  • Make it relevant

Make sure the story you’re pitching is relevant to their blog and let them know why you think it is. Sounds obvious, but it's better not to pitch at all than try to pitch with an awkward or forced angle.

  • Keep it short, sweet and simple

Rather than go into a lengthy email that they might not have time to read, ask your question or pitch your idea quickly – in three or four key bullet points if possible. More detail can be given in a follow up email or through a link to where the blogger can find more.

  • Include a call to action

You’ll have more success if there’s a clear call to action. Describe what you’re asking for and how it will benefit the blogger and their readers. Always have a single call to action, so the blogger is clear about what you would like them to do.

  • Be persistent, but don’t harass them

While a follow up a day or so later is polite, emailing a blogger multiple times in a matter of days won’t go down well. Don’t be afraid to send a reminder email asking if they got your first one – as many bloggers write in their spare time and will receive lot of emails, it can be difficult to respond straight away.Overall, remember that bloggers are people writing about a subject they are passionate about – so keep it personal, polite and to the point!