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More digital campaigns our network loves

7 December 2021

Showcasing and celebrating the amazing work of our peers is something that the charity sector does really well. That’s why we love asking you, our network, to tell us about the campaigns that strike a chord with you so others can enjoy them too.

In a follow-up to the last ‘digital campaigns our network loves’ here are some more that delegates at the recent Digital Conference said they would add to the list…

Greenpeace – Wasteminster

A popular choice for a campaign that really struck a chord, this was flagged by several delegates for being impactful and original. Wasteminster makes the reality of the UK’s plastic pollution problem tangible by helping viewers visualise it. The film shows what it would look like if 1.8 million kilograms of rubbish (the amount the UK dumps on other countries every day) was dropped on the Number 10 doorstep and calls for action by urging the viewer to sign a petition telling the government to take action.

Macmillan – Tender yet Tough video

A hard-hitting emotional watch this two minute social video takes an unflinching look at the reality of day-to-day life for Macmillan cancer professionals. Part of a wider whatever it takes campaign it shows a whole range of situations Macmillan staff experience daily. From the fun and tender moments of trying to make patients laugh and support families spending time together, to the moments when they are the pillars of strength in the toughest times it really shows how amazing Macmillan cancer professionals are.

BookTrust – Christmas campaign

The BookTrust Christmas campaign is all about sharing the love of reading with others and lighting up vulnerable children’s festive season. Donations from the annual campaign are used to send a festive book gift to a child who is vulnerable or in care. As well as the fact it’s a lovely campaign idea the way it is being promoted with beautiful illustrations of children receiving donated books is also super heart-warming too.

The 2.6 challenge – Save the UK’s charities

The pandemic had a huge impact on charity fundraising with thousands of events cancelled all across the globe. The 2.6 challenge was set up as a way to help support charities and give the public a chance to raise funds in fun and creative ways. The reason our network said they loved this campaign is that it was set up in just four weeks and provided charities all the resources etc that they needed to get involved and find a way to fundraise again despite the challenges of the outside world.

RNIB – What’s in store shop

An ingenious idea, the what’s in store shop was a pop-up that brought home the reality of inaccessible packaging for those with visual impairments. It was designed to give shoppers a taste of what it can be like for those with sight difficulties when they cannot access any details about what they are buying because of inaccessible packaging. So customers who walked in were confronted with a situation where all the products on the shelves are blank with nothing to tell them what anything was.

If you missed the Digital Conference, don’t worry because all of the amazing content from the two-day event is now available on-demand.

Plus catch up on the other digital campaigns our network said they loved now.

Banner Image: Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash

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