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Application form: Mentoring scheme

These are the questions asked when you apply to be a mentee on the CharityComms Mentoring Scheme. It’s useful to think about your answers and note them down in advance of doing the online application:

Number of years working in communications

  • Please give us a brief description of your current job role
  • Number of years in your current role
  • Please give us a brief description of any previous job roles
  • Please include a brief description of the purpose of the organisation you work for at the moment


Which of the following ‘aims’ best describes what you are looking to get out of being matched with a mentor? (Please focus on just one)

  • New role / step-up: Recently moved into a new or more senior role, would like someone neutral who has experienced a similar transition to talk to while finding my feet
  • Working on stepping up to the next level: Aiming to move up to a more senior role – would like to brainstorm ideas with a mentor about what I can be doing to move in this direction
  • Specific comms challenge: Help with a specific comms challenge. Eg how to deal with a re-brand / writing a comms strategy / getting to grips with social media/ advice on a PR project etc.
  • Support with management / leadership: Learn / share ideas / get inspiration about managing / leading a charity communications team
  • Career inspiration: A one-off chat to find out more about a particular charity comms role / what it’s like working for a specific kind of charity / ideas for future career moves.

Describe in your own words your aim

In your own words please describe what you would like to achieve from being matched with a mentor on the CharityComms Mentoring Scheme

Which area of communications is your job and mentoring application related to

  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • PR and media relations
  • Editorial and design
  • Digital
  • Internal comms
  • Campaigning / public affairs / policy
  • Measurement, analytics and research
  • Integration
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • General comms / all round

Which peer support option are you interested in?

  • Mentor (a senior comms professional who can share their experience in communications; someone to bounce ideas around with over the course of several meetings)
  • One-off meeting (for example a coffee with a comms professional to talk about a particular comms issue or questions about a certain kind of job role or type of organisation you’re interested in)

Job title

Please give us an idea of who your ideal mentor would be:

  • Director
  • Head of department
  • Manager
  • Senior officer
  • I don’t mind
  • Other
  • Have a think about what your mentors job title might be. What would be helpful for you?

Do you have a preference for what size organisation your mentor would be from?

  • Large charity (turnover more than £10m+)
  • Medium charity (turnover £1 – 10m)
  • Small charity (turnover less than £1m)
  • Freelancer/consultant
  • Corporate sector
  • I don’t mind
  • Other

Are there any organisations that you’re particularly interested in? Please specify names and types of organisations.