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Application form: peer support scheme

When you are putting your application together for the Peer Support Scheme, please include the following.

Number of years working in communications

  • Please give us a brief description of your current job role
  • Number of years in your current role
  • Please give us a brief description of any previous job roles
  • Please include a brief description of the purpose of the organisation you work for at the moment


  • What is your location? Are you happy to travel to meet with a mentor/ one-off chat? Please specify.


Please give one objective that you’d like to achieve from being matched with someone on the CharityComms peer support scheme.

  • New role / step-up: Recently moved into a new or more senior role, would like someone neutral who has experienced a similar transition to talk to while finding my feet
  • Working on stepping up to the next level: Aiming to move up to a more senior role – would like to brainstorm ideas with a mentor about what to be doing to move in this direction
  • Specific comms challenge: Help with a specific comms challenge. Eg how to deal with a re-brand / writing a comms strategy / getting to grips with social media/ advice on a PR project etc.
  • Support with management / leadership: Learn / share ideas / get inspiration about managing / leading a charity communications team
  • Career inspiration: A one-off chat to find out more about a particular charity comms role / what it’s like working for a specific kind of charity / ideas for future career moves.

Which peer support option are you interested in?

Please select which peer support option you think would be best for you.

  • Mentor (a senior comms professional who can share their experience in communications; someone to bounce ideas around with over the course of several meetings)
  • One-off meeting (for example a coffee with a comms professional to talk about a particular comms issue or questions about a certain kind of job role or type of organisation you’re interested in)


If you’re interested in having a mentor, please give us an idea of who your ideal mentor would be:
Ideally, my mentor would be a:

  • Director
  • Head of department
  • Manager
  • Senior officer
  • I don’t mind
  • Other

My mentor’s job title would be something along the lines of…(please specify)

Do you have a preference for what size organisation your mentor would be from?

  • Large charity (turnover more than £10m+)
  • Medium charity (turnover £1 – 10m)
  • Small charity (turnover less than £1m)
  • Freelancer/consultant
  • Corporate sector
  • I don’t mind
  • Other

Are there any organisations that you’re particularly interested in? Please specify names and types of organisations.

One-off meeting

If you think a one-off meeting would suit you best, tell us a bit more about who you’d ideally like to meet:

  • I’d like to meet someone whose job title is along the lines of…(please specify)
  • Are there any organisations that you are particularly interested in? Please specify names and types of organisations
  • Is there anything else we should know?