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Application form to be a mentor

A bit of background about you:

  • Number of years working in communications
  • Please give us a brief description of your current job role
  • Number of years in your current role
  • Please give us a brief description of any previous job roles
  • Please include a brief description of the purpose of the organisation you work for at the moment

What you can offer as a mentor

  • Please tell us about your career experience, both in your current role and previous jobs
  • Explain briefly why you would like to be a mentor and what you feel you can offer as a mentor
  • Is there a particular area of communications you feel you could help with as a mentor?
    – Strategy
    – Brand
    – PR and media relations
    – Editorial and design
    – Digital media
    – Internal comms
    – Campaigning and public affairs
    – Measurement, analytics and research
    – Integration
    – Marketing
    – Fundraising
    – General comms/all-round

Can you give us an idea of what mentee job level you would feel comfortable working with?

  • Ideally, I’d be mentoring
    – An assistant
    – An officer
    – A manager
    – A head of department
    – A director
    – A CEO
    – Don’t mind

What is your location (eg Central London)? Are you happy to travel to meet with a mentee? Please specify