Coaching: your questions answered

How does the coaching scheme work?

If you’re interested in being coached, we’ll put you in touch with Griff Griffiths at Cocomotion for an initial phone conversation, to discuss what coaching is, what you’re looking for from a coach and how the matching process will take place. Griff and his colleagues are accredited coaches who have been coaching CharityComms members since 2013. The purpose of this conversation is for you and Griff to understand how coaching would provide you with what you need, and whether Griff or one of his colleagues would be a good fit to work with you.

How long will it take to match me with a coach?

Normally it takes about a week. You will be put in touch with your coach through an introductory email, so you can arrange your first meeting together. We then leave it up to you and your coach to take it from there, with CharityComms and Cocomotion remaining a point of contact should you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching sessions happen over telephone or Skype.

How much does it cost?

The coaching is available in five-session packages (one hour sessions) priced at:

  • Large charities (with a turnover of more than £10million) will be charged – £900
  • Small charities (with a turnover under £1million) will be charged – £600

How much time do I need to commit?

Since coaching is about personal change, the time in between the sessions is as important as the sessions themselves. You will need to be prepared to do some ‘homework’ between sessions, to try things out. You and your coach will decide together how often to meet and whether to work in person or by phone.

Who leads the coaching sessions?

You will find that your coach listens a great deal, asks questions from time to time, and offers their own perspective sparingly. As long as you are fairly clear on what you want from the coaching, your coach will be able to guide you.

How can I assess whether the relationship will work?

We will match you with a coach who we think will work well with you. Most matches are successful, but you can always contact us at any time during the coaching if problems arise. Your coach will also welcome any feedback you want to give them during the process.

Who are the coaches?

Griff and his colleagues are accredited coaches motivated by the difference charities can make to society. They are committed to their clients’ learning and development, and  are appropriately experienced, holding professional qualifications accredited by recognised coaching bodies (such as the ICF, AC and EMCC).

For more information please read CharityComms’ peer support scheme.